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I have two ti logs in water, sprouting roots. When the roots are two inches long, I am to plant them in sandy soil, according to the instructions. Do I plant them horizontally or vertically? Do I keep them in a sunny window or not? (I am in New Jersey.) Will the plants really grow?

I looked at the website that was recommended in other questions about plants, but ti is not found in a search.

-- Michael Marcus (, August 28, 2000


Plant them horizontally and yes, you can keep them in a sunny window. Only thing, remember to move the plant away from the window during winter. While going to college, I was able to grow a ti leaf to about 4 1/2 feet tall in Ohio by growing it in the window that way. Ti loves moisture so keep it wet and mist it a lot during the winter when the air is dry. I used fish emulsion for fertilizer.

-- Roy Inouye (, August 28, 2000.

We have a ti plant that is about twenty years old and still in the same pot in which it was originally placed. It is kept at a glass sliding patio door on the south side of our house in Kerrville, Texas. Ocassionaly, a few leaves turn yellow and are removed. It is about five feet tall, maybe a little taller. We started it from a piece of log. Lately, what appears to be new plants are appearing at the bottom of the original plant. We water it when it seems to be dry.

-- patsy lynn (, April 26, 2002.

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