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Does anyone know a few of the options for purchasing LF film, B&W chemicals, and other darkroom necessities in the greater Toronto area. Thanks

-- david clark (doclark@yorku.ca), August 27, 2000


Try Vistek 496 Queens Street East (416) 365-1777. They have a website at www.vistek.net and they put out a pretty complete catalogue. They are a pro supplier and have a lot of B&W and LF stuff.

-- Bruce Pollock (pollock@telus.net), August 27, 2000.

First rule avoid Vistek. While I do get overpriced stuff there. In the past the service has been apathetic. Most pros have a bad Vistek stories. Instead you walk down the Queen westbound until you see M&A. This is the place to get Rodenstock lenses, pro gear and rentals. Ask for Ken. If you are hunting for used LF you can visit Henrys, Alt or Downtown Camera. They usually have used Sinars, lenses and holders around. However I did see a Linhof at Downtown Camera! Broadway Camera has moved out of there home beside Henrys. They will put up a notice where they moved soon. They have pretty good prices for B&W film ($15 for HP5+ and they sell 4x5 Scala). Colour films I get at Alt and they have a good selection. 4x5(10 sheets) normally costs around $30. I have my colour processed at Colourgenics on Davis Avenue, fifty percent off C-41 and E-6 for students. If you want to buy a Schneider lenses, Saunders enlargers, Sinar and Arca-Swiss call Amplis in Markham(905-477-4111). Ask for David Chang. At Elm St (two blocks north of Yonge ans Dundas) their is 8 Elm Photo, they sell PMK Pyro, Bergger film, Forte, Luminos and other unique products. Across the street is Elpro they have film but it in the back. Remember to compare prices before you buy. Buy your stuff in September and say you are a student!

-- David Payumo (dpayumo@home.com), August 27, 2000.

Wow !! David Payumo that is a very complete answer. Would you ever consider moving to the Calgary area ? I could sure use a person with your knowledge here :>)

-- GreyWolf (dwd@telusplanet.net), August 28, 2000.

Well, thanks for a second opinion about Vistek, Dave. Actually, I live in Victoria BC where there is *no* LF market at all. I've never been to Hogtown so I guess I shouldn't set myself up as an expert on where to shop there.

It's hard to get either equipment or good quality B&W supplies here in Victoria. If I want 25 sheets of Tri-X, it's a special order. T-Max and Color stuff we have a pretty good selection of, otherwise it's a pain. As a result, I've bought a few things from Vistek by mail and probably paid a bit too much. Service was OK. Do Henry's or any of those other places have mail order or websites for those of us who don't live in the centre of the universe?

-- Bruce Pollock (pollock@telus.net), August 28, 2000.

There is NO large format film up here - Yellowknife! (hardly any 35mm either...)

I order my film from Technicare in Edmonton. Very helpful. Various 4x5 usually in stock. I think they specialise in film, paper, chemical etc - though I have never actually been in a store. When I need stuff fast/urgently, they are happy to send it Canadian air cargo.

They have a store in Calgary, and may have one in Vancouver? They are in the phone book or directory enquiries. I can hunt down the phone number if you need it.

Tim A

-- tim atherton (tim@KairosPhoto.com), August 28, 2000.

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