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Since I have not purchased new gear for several years, I am slightly out of the loop, so to speak. Just wondering what the engineering boys have created to best suit wall needs. Just wondering the best 11mm lead lines. Thanks for your help.

-- nathan zahller (nathanzahller@gateway.net), August 27, 2000


Look for lines with "short memory" (they don't stay kinked or twisted after rapppels) BW's get greasy and abraid easily. Mammut's have a good hand. My choice for lead is always the same. Sterling 10.2 60m

-- Jumpin' G. Hosaphat (climbharder@hotmail.com), August 29, 2000.

Dude, get yourself a LONG rope. I get really tired having to stretch ropes on walls, and some of the new routes supposedly done on 60m ropes can leave you frustrated a few metres short of the belay. I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op (Vancouver) and ordered a 65m x 11mm rope off the spool. After they shipped me 11m and back ordered the other 54m (honest! I kid you not!) I phoned them to explain a thing or two about ropes.... They got it right the second time, but only after sending me the 54m which I got to keep for free! Anyway, it's great having a long enough rope so I don't have to worry about running short. It sure helps on linking pitches, too. Cheers, "Pass the Pitons" Pete

-- "Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok (peterzabrok@home.com), August 29, 2000.

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