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Was going to use it for day and night landscape work, but after reading countless threads it seems a poor choice. I figure I should sell it unless I'll be doing portraits. Since I want a color neg film, choices are limited in 4x5 and am now looking at tungsten with correction for daylight work. I do like saturated colors but not excessively so. Is there a neg film that stands out in your mind? What about a product from overseas? Is it time just to give in to using a rollfilm back to increase the film availability?

-- Wayne Crider (, August 27, 2000


Why don't you make a few text exposures and prints and see if you like the results? For you, what should matter is your taste. If you find the colors overly staturated, you could try Portra 160NC or 400NC. The extra speed of the 400 can be useful. Using a tungsten film with a color conversion filter will lead to long exposure times.

-- Michael Briggs (, August 27, 2000.

BTW, the problems I read in threads about the Portra 160VC film was trouble with the greens. Has it been resolved?

-- Wayne Crider (, August 27, 2000.

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