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hi every one!!

about 3 weeks ago,i was in this COOL record store in Dublin called The Sound Cellar,and managed to find this rockin tape of all songs Michael Stipe has sung with people over the years.the songs in general were fantastic,but one in particular was UNREAL! i want to know if A: anyone else has heard the song,its called "KID FEARS",and B: if any one has heard of Sid Straw...i know he is from Athens...but thats it!

thanks all!

-- ms. stipe (, August 27, 2000


Yeah ms. stipe you can purchase that tape on cd it's called michael stipe non field recordings although I think it's pirate I've got it on cd and you can get it in a few places try borderline records in temple bar or mojo in temple bar

-- dj lotus nugent (, August 27, 2000.

Yes, ms. stipe, i've heard the song "Kid fears". It's by Michael Stipe and Indigo girls, right? Well, i have downloaded it from Napster and i agree it's fantastic!!

-- Vedran (, August 27, 2000.

thanks DJ,i used to work in borderline,u know! the last answer says that song is sung by stipe and "the indigo girls"....but isnt that a GUY singing KID FEARS with michael???

-- ms. stipe (, August 28, 2000.

em lets see kid fears is sung with the indigo girls but the song after that is future 40s sung with Syd straw he also sings quite a few songs with the golden palominos and tanzplgen whoever they are and he ALSO sings a great song with nenah cherry called trout

-- dj lotus nugent (, August 28, 2000.

Or have you ever heard the song "Your ghost"? It's by Michael Stipe and Kristin Hersh. I love it!

-- Vedran (, August 28, 2000.

I've the album with the song KID FEARS...the name of the album is:"michael stipe,not field recordings,not r.e.m." I like it too!!! ;)

-- Jadey (, August 28, 2000.

Yeah vedren I have to say although that song was a wee bit depressing and not very ear friendly the first time I listened to it, I have to say now it's one of my fave's I also think it's on one of her albums

-- dj lotus nugent (, August 28, 2000.

i still dont get it....r the indigo girls girls? the person sure sounds male to me...ah well! thanx 4 ur help!!!

-- ms. stipe (, August 29, 2000.

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