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I have a EOS650 (I bought new)that I use on occasion. I bought a EOS630 used w/a shutter sticking problem,figured I could get it repaired reasonable & have a nice camera when done.I sent it out to be fixed,the quoted repair was over $230.( I can get the ElanIIE for a little over $300,so I refused the repair) The info I have been able to find has me asking this question, Is this 630 worth the repair, or sell both 630&650 and upgrade with the ElanIIE? I do only landscape/wildlife photography, advanced amature status in ability, & will be using long lenses. (I liked the fps of the 650 and the program modes of the 630)I use a Ricoh SuperII as my manuel back up.

-- Kathy Preble (svivor1@mint.net), August 27, 2000


It sounds like you already know the best answer: sell the 650 and 630 and buy an Elan II. In 1992 I bought a new 630 from B&H for $230 and remember that the AF performance is very poor compared to any Canon with a AF cross sensor. Thus, the EOS10, 5/A2/A2E, Elan/100, Elan II/ 50/50E, etc., all AF much better than the 630 and 650. However, both the 650 and 630 are built better (metal & heavy polycarbonate) than any mid-priced Canon. You'll have to buy an EOS3, 1N or 1V to get a beefer body.

Check out the closing Canon auctions on EBay. Notice that people usually bid way more than they are worth (even cameras in need of repairs!)? Then, sell the bodies on EBay and buy your new Elan from a New York camera dealer like B&H. Use the left over money for a brick of film and a nice lunch!

-- Doggieface (doggieface@aol.com), August 27, 2000.

Doggieface (whoever he really is) has good advice here. I've wondered what he looks like though.

Comparing the 650 to the 630, the 630 has a much improved autofocus, but he's right that it still doesn't compare well to the newer ones with a cross sensor. Anyway, the 650 in good condition will go for $100 to $150 and the 630 in good condition will often fetch over $200 on an online auction. Strange what people will bid for them even when broken.

-- Jim Strutz (jimstrutz@juno.com), August 27, 2000.

I have a 650 that has a couple of little dots of grease on the central left side of the shutter curtain when viewing from the back. This is a common problem with the 650/620/630 series. There is a seal in the upper left area above the shutter that will leak with age. It can be repaired but does cost a lot.

If you want to keep your camera running, I use a spray "degreaser" that I get only from Fargo Enterprises Micro Tools (see "Services" in back of Shutterbug)...cuts the grease and disolves fast. A tiny squirt of spray and a little gently rubbing with a Q-Tip will disolve this grease...take off the lens, gently lift the mirror with your forefinger, and put this finger on the front of the shutter curtain for support when you use the Q-Tip on the back. Warning and disclaimer: don't press hard...you could damage the metal curtain blades. This is only a temporary fix, but if you do it regularly you can keep the camera running like new. I find this camera to be a good, solid back-up, and for hiking. Lighter fluid also works...use just a drop!

-- Todd Frederick (fredrick@hotcity.com), August 28, 2000.

Thanks so much for all of your responses on the 650/630 request, I just needed that edge to make the decision. Your info has been most helpful and I'm glad I found this site. I'll be picking up the ElanIIE before long. If ever anyone is in need of places for great photos in Maine, don't mind hiking for them, let me know......K.

-- Kathy Preble (svivor1@mint.net), August 28, 2000.

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