Welcome back,....oh exalted leader......

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Glad to see ya stay in the cockpit mate....we all know sometimes real life sucks.... As far as tours of duty.....your suggestion makes sense....and it IS time for a real good squad meeting... A minor suggestion...regardless of what side we be flying for ( referring of course to the alternating of sides during tours of duty)..when we meet....pick the side with the low numbers...and see what happens

signed....1/2 of the canadian division


and by the way mogs...i still like the c-172

-- Gerry ....aka Flaps (mgc@nbnet.nb.ca), August 27, 2000



Bloody El thrax, only just read the BBS been busy at work...unlike the rest of you reprebates! Sliper give the sheep back you have had it long enuf! French & Wildin...had a blast last night, we were fantastic! (cos slips is on Hols :)) Miskid, got a good picture of your wing fluttering past my turret ;-)

thrax, glad to see that you have decided to stay, would'nt be the same without you, in fact it would'nt be the same without all of you guys....wot a squad...never a crossed word. I love you guys...I love Women....I love Beer..I love Money...I love me. Squad meeting required.

Cheers Guys.

Bloom (You never know where I am until its too late!) My undies are around your head :)

-- Bloom- (cjw@devilsdale.free-online.co.uk), September 01, 2000.

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