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Speaking of animation, any of you checked out any Brothers Quay ("stop motion"?) animation? It's hauntingly beautiful. King Video released a collection of their shorts a while back and I just saw today that they released a full motion picture though I haven't seen it yet. Any of you seen it? I highly recomend the shorts. If you've seen any of the Tool music videos then you have a good idea of what they're like. like.

-- Scott (, August 27, 2000


are you reffering to Institute Benjamenta, if you are it's about a pupil at a servants academy, the acting is extremly styalised, just as though they were imitating the quay brother's animation itself, the sets are outlandis and the camera focuses on evocative objects creating a mysterious and vaguely magical place. If i have given a bad impression of the film let me just say it is amazing and well worth wacthing

-- oliver (, August 27, 2000.

I have seen the recently released Brothers Quay collection, and I loved it--it's like looking into the mind of Adam Jones. My favorites were "Crocodile Streets" and "Are We Still Married." Such odd, random, yet amazingly crafted films I must say. They also reminded me of "The Secret Adventures fo Tom Thumb." Anybody seen that?

-- Mega Moth (, November 02, 2000.

I've recently seen the first volume, 84 to 93, it was amazing! I havent seen anything recently, but I hope to soon. They are great shorts, I highly recommend them to anyone, although they didnt do any tool videos they did influence them, and I'll leave you with a few links: 8672261-4949725?colid=3EAE1LBEOUFON

-- maybell (, January 06, 2001.

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