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This was my first time on this site. I have to say it was amusing to say the least. I came here to try and find out how I might find some shorts Mr. Affleck wrote or directed, or something. Anyways he was involved. I heard they had an all star cast and are great. That is all I know about them. They may not even exist. I thought a site like this, or the fans on it, might have more info. I'm guessing not. If anyone has any information or ideas on how to get it, please contact me. By the way, if I had to guess who the real Casey Affleck was, I would say its who ever posted about the testical thing. That was pretty funny. If we can't laugh at our selves..... :)

-- Sarah (, August 27, 2000


Are you referring to the commercials he directed for the sundance channel, because I'd like to see those too. I read about them somewhere, so I'm assuming they exist, sorry I can't help ya anymore than that. This site is pretty interesting, I've only posted like five times, but I've already been bitched at.......I can laugh, but I dunno about some of these other people....Nothing wrong with them, they just take what they read a little seriously.......ummmm, yeah, so, the commercials for the sundance channel featured Matt Damon, Jaoquin Phoenix, and Christina Ricci, just to name a few. Are these the shorts you are looking for? Because if they are, You're guess is as good as mine! Well, sorry that I can't help ya any more than that! But best of luck finding the shorts, and if you do, mail me! dramaqueenie

-- dramaqueenie (, August 29, 2000.

Sarah, if you find otu about those shorts, mail me too. I didn't even know Casey did commercials.

-- Tabitha (, August 30, 2000.

hey guys, if you are looking for the sundance commericals that casey directed (they were written by him and jay locopo) there were up at the site earlier this year. here is the address:

they are really great, some of them are really funny.

-- sonia (, September 02, 2000.

thanks sonia! How did find them? I think I even looked on the sundance channel.....hmmmmm.....

-- dramaqueenie (, September 03, 2000.

i used to check out the sundance site pretty regularly, and when the commercials were first posted they were on the main site. luckily i had saved the address and the commercials are still on the site.

-- sonia (, September 03, 2000.

hey, I just checked out those commercials! They are wicked funny, especially the one with vince vaughn or whatever his name is! Ha, loco for jacopo! lol, great, I also liked the one with matt damon. Thanks sonia! Really cool..... luv and smiles, dramaqueenie

-- dramaqueenie (, September 03, 2000.

Hey ,does anyone know what episode 11 was about in those short clips. I went to the site and tried to get to that episode, but they siad it had no access. I was just wondering if that was the one with Joaqiun Phoenix in it because i saw all of the other episodes and he was in them. (actually, i couldn't really tell who have the people were in the episodes anyway. Damn Realplayer!)

-- Terisa (, September 04, 2000.

sorry, when i said "he was in them", i meant he WASN'T in them. My bad...

-- Terisa (, September 04, 2000.

I couldn't get into episode 11 either, but matt damon was in two episodes, christina ricci was in one, and vince vaughn and gus van sant were in one together........... ummm, yeah, so that's it! Talk to ya later! my real player sucks, bye! dramaqueenie

-- dramaqueenie (, September 05, 2000.

I remember when i first watched the commercials, i looked for joaquin phoenix, but i don't think he was in them. edward furlong(??) was in one of them, ryan phillipe and reese witherspoon and harvey weinstein were in them too.

-- sonia (, September 06, 2000.


-- NICOLE (ELOPE2E@AOL.COM), January 15, 2001.

Thank you thankyou! I would like to thank my typing teacher, my friends for putting up with the fact thatI am always on-line, and the lovely casey affleck for inspiring me. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! lol, well, except for you over there- you scare me..... okay, toodle-oo! (dramadear)

-- dramaqueenie (, January 20, 2001.

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