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I have alot of carrots this year and would like to know the best way to store them. Any ideas?

-- Lisa (, August 27, 2000


I put mine in buckets of damp sand in the cellar. They seem to stay fresher and crisper this way.

-- Marci (, August 27, 2000.

I thought I would share the mistake I made last year in storing carrots for Y2k so you don't repeat it. I kept the carrots in the plastic bags they came in and put them in covered plastic buckets and stored them in my cellar. Wrong thing to do. They got a black mold on them. Good thing I didn't have to depend on them. LOL That is one of the good things about Y2k. I learned what things I didn't know how to do right and this year I am improving on the way I do things based on the mistakes I made last year. Just thought I would share that with ya.

-- Colleen (, August 28, 2000.

Could I use wood shavings or sawdust instead of damp sand? I think I remember reading somewhere that I could but I'm not sure.

-- Lisa (, September 01, 2000.

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