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I wanted to put this in a seperate column, so as not to irritate any one wishing to keep to another subject: I want you to fantasize with me that Monica has a national anthem of sorts. It's a country of freedom, and Aeon coming home from oppressive Bregna may find herself tasting the air as sweeter, freedom dearly bought and treasured. The song I base this anthem on is by James Taylor, from an album called 'That's why I'm here', and I hope you hear it one day, because I think the fight for freedom is quite noble and precious for us all. The anthem for Monica may include such phrases from this song, called Only a dream in Rio, as: More than a distant land, more than the streaming green, more than the shining eyes. Well they tell me it's only a dream in Monica; nothing could be as sweet as it seems,...they remind me" son have you so soon forgotten? often as not it's rotten inside. And the mask soon slips away"...Oh what a night wonderful one in a million; frozen fire Monican stars, caught in the rays of the rising sun, on the run from the soldier's gun; shouting out loud from the angry crowd; the mild the wild and the hungry child. I tell you, there's more than a dream in Monica, I was there on the very day, and my heart came back alive. More than the singing voices; more than the upturned faces; and more than the shining eyes....more than the hidden hills; more than a distant land, more like another time; born of a million Monica, (freedom).

-- Barbei (, August 26, 2000


I inserted the Monica's of course, originally they were 'Rio', but you get the idea.

-- Barbei (, August 26, 2000.

Its a nice song. I really like it. Monica wouldn't have a national anthem. Its go no rulers. The people probably aren't patriots at all. They much like Aeon fight for Monica for freedom. They have personal freedom no silly loyalty to a flag or anthem. They are as libertarian as you can get.

-- NAdar D. Richards (, August 26, 2000.

Oh, that's precious, evidently you and I share some of the same political emotions. You should go out and get this song, BTW, it's just beautiful. I always thought of Monica as unified. It's Shangri- la.

-- Barbei (, August 26, 2000.

Monica wouldn't be all that united they would unite against the breens, other than that, I don't know. It would seem that even though there are no rulers in monica they seem to have a police force of sorts. But unity might lead to gov't and no monican would want that.


-- NAdar D Richards (, August 28, 2000.

If we are suggesting songs might I suggest "don't fear the Reaper". As you know its by Blue Oyster Cult, and one of my favs. Maybe this isn't your tastes how about "Planet Caravan" by Black Sabbath. If this isn't for you try the Pantera version for a different take. Maybe these are good, maybe they aren't. May I suggest anything by Dream Theater. A great band, don't let anyone tell you different.

-- NAdar D. Richards (, August 28, 2000.

I think that whenever we see Monicans united in combat against the Breens, it's only because those individual Monicans decided to join up and do so. Since Monica has no government, the people do what they want and occasionally group up with those of similar intent. No one sent the Monicans to send the Demiurge into space, for example. They sent themselves to do it, because they personally wanted it to be done. That's my take, anyhow.

-- Matthew Rebholz (, August 28, 2000.

Actually, I always liked 'Joan Crawford has risen from the grave' by Blue Oyster Cult. I have to laugh at the reference to Libertarians, I'm meant I do not care for their political ideology, I'm probably more of a moderate conservative.

-- Barbei (, August 30, 2000.

I love the above mentioned song for the same reason I find it easier and easier not to vote. I know this isn't the thing to espouse, but I find that I can't trust or believe the guys running. That's why I love that song, it's about the dream of finding a place that believes in it's ideals. I suppose Monica is line and paint, but it is also made of dreams.

-- Barb e. (, September 02, 2000.

Well, well, well Barb E doesn't vote. Maybe thats why you like to live in the dreams created by the song, and the show? A human can't live on dreams, only ethics can do that. I don't know you Barb E but you seem OK, knowing Blue Oyster Cult makes you a notch above(the rest). If you droning repetative music try "Veteran of A thousand Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult. Bad song but what imagery

-- NAdar D. Richards (, September 03, 2000.

Oh, no. I vote. However, nothings any better, things have only gotten worse, as far as our little country here. Tons of crime, and millions of unwed mothers, kids having sex, blah, blah, blah. You've heard it I'm sure, but hey, thank you Blue Oyster Cult, there's some fun out there too. Chung put in his 2 cents and we've got that, too.

-- Barb e. (, September 03, 2000.

BTW I am familiar with Veterans of a thousand psychic wars, it's pretty good. What I really love is Don't turn your back (to your jealous neighbor, he just might go, and...spoil the show).

-- Barb e. (, September 03, 2000.

Yes it would seem between Blue Oyster Cult and Peter Chung the world seems ok. You can really ignore the problems of the world which you have to do or it drives you insane. All things are in and of the world, I feel true happyness damn I caught that stupid virus from Chronophasia.

-- NAdar D. Richards (, September 05, 2000.

I can spell but not all forms of the word happy it seems.

-- NAdar D. Richards (, September 05, 2000.

Maybe that virus made you deliriously happy? It made me happy just to read that part of your post. I love that ep, and I haven't seen it in too long, so tonight with some cabernet sauvignon and Chronophasia I hope I catch that virus too.

-- Barb e. (, September 05, 2000.

Yeah there ain't nothing like booze and Aeon.

-- NAdar D. Richards (, September 11, 2000.

Well, if you're 'booze and broad' minded, Trevor WAS drinking red wine in at least 2 episodes, and he seems to have Aeon's attention.

-- Barb e. (, September 11, 2000.

I'm unsure what you saying is Aeon a broad? Well thats quite a nice double meaning on the word broad. By the way I am broad minded and yes I like to drink. If you're finer company you say lots if you're a skid, you wouldn't be impressed, if you're a binge drinker with an eye towards playing pool, your like me. I'm not a fan of wine I like strong beer, and Malt liquor. Most American stuff is like water. I like Canadian beers, execpt the beer that calls itself Canadian, they all seem pretty good. Most european beers are good to. I'm Trying to think "A Last Time For Everything", and I'm stumped. Here is a quiz for you In how many episodes do fat little Breens eat cabbage? A)1 B)2 C)3 D)6

-- NAdar D. Richards (, September 14, 2000.

Barb E. Why is it some times Barb e. like FF and sometimes barbie like the doll?

-- NAdar D. Richards (, September 22, 2000.

It's not a very 'cool' reason, (such as referring to myself as Barbie), it's just that I went to a few other Lusenet sites and put in for cookies, got way too much mail, dc'd them, then went back in on this forum, couldn't figure out where to put the cookie order in, typed my name everytime, with typos, (aren't you glad you asked?) discovered where the cookie order line was, put it in, forgot, put it in twice, went back and dc'd the second cookie, forgot, dc'd the first, forgot where to put it in again, sigh... I only wish I was as bright as Barbie.

-- Barb e. (, September 23, 2000.

Ha ha, oh, and I did NOT type all those after drinking red wine. The funny thing is I type fairly fast, about 75 wpm, the only real mistakes were my name, pretty psychological, huh? I Can't understand it though. Why would I continually type my own name incorrectly?

-- Barb e. (, September 23, 2000.

Well I really am glad I asked you. I was quite confused my brain sorta hurts after reading your answer. I don't know what dc'd is. But enough with this ironically I am typing these words in the misdt of a hangover nothing so sophiticated as red wine, only whiskey. Well I suppose Thats why my brain hurts. I just watched "A Last Time For Everything", today. Its not my favorite but it used to be\ because it was the first one I understood, one thing maybe you can help me with though Aeon states to Aeon "You were supposed to mess with his head, his desires, not his alone I'm pretty sure that's how it went. The word not in this vexes me, so maybe explain it to me? If you can.

-- NAdar (, September 24, 2000.

Dc'd is discontinued. I think she is referring to the fact that when Aeon began 'messing with' Trevor's head she wasn't supposed to get involved. The copy says, "You were supposed to mess with HIS head" the original plan was to make Trevor fall for her, to hurt him but the real Aeon answer's "His desire is not his alone", meaning she now desires Trevor.

-- Barb e. (, September 24, 2000.

The episode is a well designed situation of Aeon, screwing up the mission. When she says to Trevor, "How do you want me, like this or like this?" he rejects her and leaves, but her answer comes later, when she comments, "It's good not to be scared, isn't it?" to which he replies " I wouldn't want you any other way," and makes the childish 'scary face' because he is still feeling insulted by her blatant chasing of him and subverting their roles. When Aeon puts her hand on Trevor's face and says, "You still don't trust me" she now is acting feminine, (hair down) allowing him to be the aggressor. Trevor's "Should I?" while 'taking Aeon' in his arms and hesitating, looking in her eyes for the answer, finds what he is looking for. At that moment he sees she is in love with him, and he now becomes the conquerer, and now puts away the gun, we find out what way he wants her, as she is underneath.

-- Barb e. (, September 24, 2000.

Ok that "is" makes it much more clear as for your further explanation its about the way I see it to. I think a more blatant example of Trevor "wanting the top" is when Aeon has been attacked by the gaurds and Trevor explains. She is willing to forgive and offers her hand and he takes her by the arm. I picture a abusive boyfreind doing this to his girlfreind everytime I see it. I've heard people describe this episode, as the one when they learn that they can love each other. Well just the opposite, in my veiw. they could never be together without sacrificing that which makes them them.

-- NAdar (, September 29, 2000.

All I had to say was "IS"? Sheeeesh. Guess I am too yacky, and I'm not referring to Carlos Castaneda's Indians. The scene where Trevor takes Aeon's arm is accepted by the now sad and confused Aeon. Her copy behaves more like her old self, because the copy has not been intimately involved with Trevor. You might say the 'copy' is simply Aeon before her involvement. That is what I think this ep is really about, ever get involved, behave totally against all your previous life long held beliefs, and then think of yourself as 'two' selves? "Well, that's the real me, I'm just not coping well right now", or "When I get back to myself...", relationships somehow cause us to act differently, because our emotions are involved. Trevor expresses his feelings about Aeon's inner thoughts of herself when he says, "Is THAT how it is? YOU'RE the real Aeon, no one is going to kill you." He took her arm firmly because he doesn't want to lose her. The real Aeon is the one in love. Trevor knows it and that's the one he wants to keep, and in reality when we think "the other me is the real me, you then 'kill' the 'new' you, perhaps the real you. You opt for self control over love. Earlier the guards said "You ordered..." Evidently Trevor ordered the 'other' Aeon to be killed. A true lover would do this, stop you from returning to your old self. (BTW,watch this scene closely, it almost seems to me that when Trevor takes her arm, his pants change shape in a rather interesting way) and the part where the two guards say, "It's Aeon flux sir" has caused me more 'daydreams' than I can remember.

-- Barb e. (, September 30, 2000.

I will have to check that out. I don't think I'll have any 'daydreams', thats a little disturbing by the way.

-- NAdar (, October 01, 2000.

I like disturbing. Its true. Its true.

-- NAdar (, October 01, 2000.

Seems to be, 'funny how things turn out'.

-- Barb e. (, October 02, 2000.

The pleasures of being a Monican....we can modify another song to express know "West Side Story"?

(tap tap-"I like to be in Mo-ni-ca, beautiful cars in Mo-ni-ca, life if all right in Mo-ni-ca if you're not Breen in Mo-ni-ca-"

-- Alex Cointreau (, May 12, 2001.

I like the city of Bregn-ya; they have a lab with your double; plenty of men with some big guns; plenty of room for some trouble...

-- Barb e. (, May 12, 2001.

This was my favorite post, of all time. I was new when I stumbled across it, and I was shown the way by Barb E. Covered almost everything I care about. From Joan Crawford to politica. I'm just so glad its back. BTW Barb I still don't ever remember seeing Trevors pants change. Even in uninteresing ways

-- Markisgreatgiveusthechoclotecake (, May 13, 2001.

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