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I'd like to see if that Affleck boy could play in a film about the Navy. He reminds me of a cook I once knew. He was a Swedish kid--didn't speak a word of English, but he knew all about the stoves. He didn't make much money as an enlisted man. I once suspected he was stealing flour, but I didn't say anything because he had the jolliest face in the whole fleet. When he smiled, it was like a whole barrel of apples. You could see it from the back of your head. So anyways, I'd like to see if this Casey you kids like so much would go to see him in a movie about WW2. Maybe he wouldn't have to play a cook, but it would be the best way to handle it if you ask me.

God bless. Capt. Abraham Farmer

-- Captain Abraham Farmer, USN Ret. (, August 26, 2000


sir? Are I'm not sure I follow this. Are you a driector, or are you just curious? I do enjoy old war movies, I was just wondering why you posted this?

-- anonymous (, August 30, 2000.

Right. You've hit the nail with the hammer. I'd like to see that movie, but I'm not sure how many people to talk to about it. I think his name was Svensen, but it could have been something else. At General Quarters he was supposed to run all the way from the mess to the port side forty millimeter. One time he slipped and banged his head on the bosun's mate's tuba case. Wasn't that a rigamarole! Oh boy, he was a jolly fella. So anyways, I think I'd like to see that again.

God bless. Cpt. Abraham Farmer, USN Ret.

-- Captain Abraham Farmer, USN Ret. (, August 30, 2000.

Hey, I'd go to see that movie! (by the way, that was me that posted the other message to you....I don't want to put my address, in case you are actually a psycho or something, not that you are, just a precaution you know....) Anywho, I see all the casey movies, so I'd see that one you know! Ummmm, hey, write a script, send it out, and who knows, right? :)

-- anonymous (, September 01, 2000.

Casey "the affleck boy" as a jolly Swedish cook that steals flour during WWII?? Hahaha...the way you wrote it sounds hilarious to me.

-- Rain (, September 21, 2000.

yeah! I wrote those two anonymous tips before. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone on this board when I say that yes, we would go see any movie of casey's, even if he was playing a jolly swedish should submit that idea to speilberg! lol

-- dramaqueenie (, September 24, 2000.

Dramaqueenie, you are full of shit. I wrote those other things bitch!

-- Anonymous (, December 01, 2000.

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