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Um, has anyone heard anything about when that new Casey movie is coming out, ya know, COMMITTED? I live in a small town, so we get all our movies like months after they come out, so I wouldn't know even if it is out yet, so if it is, has anyone seen it and is it worth the 8.50 that we pay for theater tickets? Ummm, yeah, I guess that's it. I've been following this coneversation for about a month now,and know that I don't want to say something that will get me bitched at by some of the funny people on this site (not that I would mind- you guys all make me laugh!) Well, that's all! Luv and Smiles, Queenie

-- Queenie (, August 26, 2000



Rock on!


-- E (, August 26, 2000.

Queenie, you BITCH, you stole my name and now i'm taking it back!

-- The REAL Queenie (, August 27, 2000.

GEEZ! It's only a name! Get a life! But if it means that much to you, I'll change it! Yikes! Umm, I have another question though. Has anyone ever gotten anything back when they write to the fan mail address? If so what? I'm asking because I hate those pre-typed secretary's letters. But hey, ya take what you can get, right? Well,any info on that or on committed would be greatly appreciated. And to Bad gurl or whatever your e-mail address is, I'm sorry if I offended you!But this is the first time I submitted on this discussion, and calling me a bitch is a little childish don't you think? Well, anywho, so long casey fans! Luv and Smiles, Dramaqueenie (that better?)

-- DRAMAqueenie (, August 27, 2000.

DRAMAqueen huh... Wow that name REALLY fits you, you overacting hoe! I just like to keep what's mine, and you would have known that if you looked in some of the posts.

-- Queenie (, August 29, 2000.

Okay, bad gurl? Can we drop this? This post started as something about a casey affleck movie, and now you're calling me an overacting hoe? Just because I've used that name in the past, and didn't notice that someone else on the posts used it, that's no reason to get up in my face, so relax! I didn't mean any harm by it, and I only wanted to know when some casey movie came out, but it's totally not worth being bitched at. So, just grow up and accept the fact that it was a simple mistake. And I'm not an overacting hoe. I just overact! lol, I actually am a mediocre actress......but that's way off the subject, so I'm gonna go fer now! Ummm, but if anything has anything to say about the movie, and not my name, I'd really appreciate the info! Thanks! Dramaqueenie

-- dramaqueenie (, August 29, 2000.

someone's sure looking to pick a fight. dramadear, ignore certain pretentious, antagonistic people, they just love to get a rise out of you. don't waste your time responding. about committed, i live in the washington dc area and i saw it by accident play in a indie sort of theatre downtown, but i haven't seen it since. i'm as curious as you, as to where it disappeared to. peace out. susi

-- Susi-Q (, September 02, 2000.

Thanks for the message about comitted suzi-q....... I really want to see that movie, which makes me sad.......grrrrrr. Well, if you have any more info, ever, mail me. I like hearing POSITIVE things, ya know? lol..... and thanks again! Luv and Smiles, Dramaqueenie

-- dramaqueenie (, September 03, 2000.

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