What do you like?

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What small things make you happy? What pleases you? What makes your life better by it's very existence, no matter how small?

-- Jenna (jenna@jennasite.com), August 26, 2000


Riding my bike down a deserted winding country lane in the early morning mist.

-- OrneryPest (ornerypest@yahoo.com), August 26, 2000.

pocket dragons, surprise phone calls from friends who don't usually call, random kisses from my sweety... just a few of the small things that make my life better. :o)

-- jess (diarist@foxfiremad.com), August 26, 2000.

I like the smell of spring. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's great.

-- Julie (cyberjulez@yahoo.com), August 26, 2000.

Working out. I'm only 5 weeks into it...but have seen a huge change. Love the way I feel using the weights, knowing how much easier it has become.

Watching my kids be sweet to eachother.

Writing a really solid entry...which I currently seem to be incapable of doing.


-- Bob (and_if_I_die@hotmail.com), August 27, 2000.


-- Tracey (tntnikki@excite.com), August 27, 2000.

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