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Sure glad to here we still have our leader:-} Sounds like the ARROWS will survive the new arena {thats a good thing}.We are ,after all the best squad in WB,IMO. Sure wish i was fliin' with y'all, very soon ,I hope.Fliing either side should be fun as long as the squad can fly together and KICKASS! This should give everyone a chance to learn an axis ride,{variety is the spice of life ya'know.}Everybody together now E and wingy's E and wingy's.Geez I,m sounding like a trainer.Well shut my mouth:-}.Anyways i,m busier then a fat mans fork at a smorgesboard at present,summer season makes for long days in the truckin'biz out here but it pays the bills{and is also a good thing}. Keep givin'er Mogs you'll pick it up,we all had trouble at first. Nice to here your still alive Peet, you young guys and women VAVA VAVOOM!! The thrax rule sounds like it will keep us from off'n each other.Like i said wish i was up with ya. Dukers P.S IF i can add anything to the squad from my standpoint please e-mail me and i'll do what i can TTFN :-}

-- Doug{dukers}Grabinsky (d.grabinsky@home.com), August 26, 2000

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