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Okay, so I was having trouble thinking of a really good forum question and came up with this instead. For the women...how do you feel about your breasts? What would you change about them if you could and what's so important about the way breasts look that we even want them to look a certain way? Men...are the way a woman's breasts look that important? Or are women agonizing over their mammaries for no good reason?

-- Anonymous, August 25, 2000


How do I feel about my breasts? Do I have a choice? They're there, I live with them. If I could change anything I'd outlaw bras. Except maybe for exercise. They were useful after I had my babies.. no getting up and warming bottles for me!

If anyone wants to read about my recent mammogram, the entry is here:


And if anyone can tell me how to create a link on this freakin' board, I'd be obliged.

Take care, Sasha, and thanks for the pimp-opp :)


-- Anonymous, August 25, 2000

I have weird nipples. I've always thought so. They are NOT perky and they're very pale pink--of course, I'M very pale, which would probably explain it somewhat, and you can't have terribly perky nipples when you're a C-cup edging towards D (damn Pill), but still. Every now and then I'll see a free porn woman with nipples like mine and feel a little better about them.

-- Anonymous, August 25, 2000

oh my oh my oh my oh my. i'm afraid i have too much to say on this topic.

unfortunately i was *blessed* (?!) with large breasts. i wear a 38D or a 36 DD depending on the bra (and i'm a size 8). i was also blessed with intelligence, wit, style, a nice smile, and the ability to make you feel like a million dollars in my presence. but dammit all to hell if men don't like me ONLY for my tits.

(i also think my areolas are too big, all stretched out from having two babies, and they're ovals instead of circles, but that was probably tmi.)

on my list of things to do this year: get a breast reduction - along with the bonus of a lift. just a little one - trust me, i like my breasts, and i don't want to be flat, but i would like to be more proprtionate. so i'm getting the consultation this month. why? because i will finally be able to buy a shirt in size M, because i will finally be able to buy a bikini, and because i will finally find out which men think i have a lovely smile. first. before anything else.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

Boobs. Titties. Hooters.

Got two of them. That's about all I can say.

They look good in a bra. They are very pendulous without.

My nipples are pale and pencil eraser shaped. They point down. My bra's perform acrobatic feats to make the girls stand up and point forward.

If I could have them worked on, I don't think I would get them reduced, rather I would get them perked up and pointing forward like great big Joan Crawford headlight tits.

"Watch 'dem things. You could put an eye out."

Paulineee, to link to your site, use html formating. Like "Blah Blah" You can use the "br" or "p" to make your line breaks. (Now, watch me muck up my link to my page because,

I am never above pimping myself or my bodacious ta-ta's.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

Yeah, well, so much for my tutorial in html formating within the forum. After you all slap me, just roll my sorry carcass to the back of the room and cover it up.

Paulineee, look at the source code of this page and you will see what I am talking about. I do know. Just can't spit it out to make sense in public.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

You guys are much nicer than the inmates of the other forums I've whined on, thanks.

At the risk of hijacking Sasha's topic (not much chance of that) let's see if it works..


Thanks, Paulineee

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

Well, hmm. I'm an A. And I had to gain 25 lbs. just to fill the cups. I used to want them to be bigger, but I'm married, and he doesn't really care about size. Said big ones would just get in the way. I've always heard that men love to look at big boobs, but when it actually comes down to the sex part, they don't care one way or the other. Mine are uneven though- the right one noticeable larger. I.E., I have a stretchy tank top with horizontal lines on it, and w/o a bra...the lines don't lay even. THAT's what I would change. I'm not interested in having them LARGER, but even would be nice. Oh. And I have black hairs. HATE that. I tweeze. Now that was DEFINITELY tmi. Heh. :)

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

I hear you on the lopsided-ness. Mine's from nursing more on one side. Apparently the right one has underdeveloped milk ducts or something.

Well, i hope they get themselves in gear cuz I'm gonna need 'em in 4 months.

I keep meaning to talk about my boobs, but well.. never get a round to it I guess. they recently sharnk, God knows why with me being preggers and all. A 38 or 40 D really pleases the hubby. They used to be 36C in high school. I can't even imagine anymore...

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

As long as we're all contributing too much, I'd just like to say that I found out just this summer that real boobs, not just the plastic ones, float in water. I did not know this until I was "bathing" in a hot springs in Idaho and looked down. And there were the twins sitting high and happy as can be. I think I would've paid money to see the look of amazement and childlike joy that must have emanated from my face. "Holy Cow! They FLOAT!!!" (I'm still trying to figure out how this fact has escaped me for so long)

So now that I know that my breasts could possibly serve as personal floatation devices in the case of a water landing, I am much happier with them. I never seriously wanted to change them, except maybe smaller, but somehow with more vertical cleavage...you know, put them up in a dress and there's the line down the middle? Except my line has always been a bit lopsided. One or the other can't be convinced to behave. Just like their owner. ;)

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2000

I guess I'll be the first man to answer this very volatile and controversial question.

As much as I love Sasha's breasts, I for one have never cared how they look. I care about how they feel. They need to feel substantial, like freshly kneaded dough, just after the second rise. They need to be able to fit in my rather large hands (which Sasha's do perfectly). Persoanlly I wouldn't care if they were A cups or triple D's, as long as they feel nice.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2000

ok... the second man to answer...

I am a boob man... however not double DD breasts, I prefer smaller cute breasts, the size that fits into my palm. During play I love the feeling of a nipple tickling my palm, I love the feeling of the soft smooth skin under my finger tips, the sweet smell of the heat from the breasts. In fact, according to my current partner, I love them too much.

I have to qualify my response by stating that in my 42 years I have only been with three women and one of the three had breast implants. So my experiences are limited.


-- Anonymous, August 29, 2000

Flotation devices? Tragically, this means that I would likely be held afloat about three feet from the bottom. Heh.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000

Okay... another male attempts an answer (although he knows that anything he says will probably piss somebody off)

Back in prehistoric times -- okay, the 1950's and 60's -- I could never relate to the whole Marilyn Monroe and Playmate of the month jumbo boob thing, never could understand the apparent male worship of mammoth mammaries. Okay, so maybe it was mostly a Madison Avenue reversion to infantilism? Whatever.

Anyway, I have had relationships with women with very small breasts and women with quite substantial breasts and a variety of sizes between those extremes... and ya know what... I truly enjoyed all of them. Once upon a time, if someone were to ask me to describe the aesthetic ideal I probably would have said B-cup size braless under a T-shirt (tie-dyed, of course) or thin blouse. (No, I am not a dirty old man; I am a sensual senior citizen!) But as the original Woodstock faded into history I came to better appreciate the wide variety of size and shape, learned the alphabet from A to DD...

Size doesn't matter.

It's the person who matters.


-- Anonymous, September 03, 2000

An addendum: I tend to be attracted to women with small, perky breasts--perhaps because I have fairly big ones, I've gotten used to them, and they aren't as exciting. I really love nipples. I just like looking at them. The breast is probably my favorite part of the female body--cliche, but true. I particularly like them viewed from the side; there's just something about the curve of the line... very aesthetically pleasing, as well as sexually attractive.

There. That's my "outside" perspective on breasts.

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2000

I must admit, i prefer a larger sized boob, and i am agreeing with travis when he says its the feel more then the size. My last Girlfriend had breasts that nearly fit perfectly into my hands, so thats a good size. for me, the nipples have to be a nice light chocolate colour, and need to be sorta 'chewy' if ya know what i mean.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2000

I'm going to answer in my own forum, which is the least I can do, considering how obliging you've been with your answers. Okay...my breasts, also referred to as 'the twins', are unfortunately starting to outgrow their D cups. I've gained a bit of weight since I've lived with Travis (he's such a good chef, really) and some of the weight seems to have found it's way to my chest. I guess I wouldn't mind so much, only once I take off my bra, the twins just sort of...hang, heavily, with no regard at all for gravity or the fact that I don't like having to wear a bra all the time. I suppose there are the nicer aspects of having big un's. In the right bra, I could use these things as weapons, I swear.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2000

Speaking as a guy: The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater. Size matters and big is beautiful, if they sag, who cares? What makes women think that breasts should have a magical ability to defy gravity? The modern media has created an unrealistic body image to live up too, you're too big here, too small there. Ah, but it can all be fixed with surgery (rolls his eyes). Sorry, but I don't think you should treat something so serious as being cut open as lightly as some people seem to. Cosmetic surgey is a bad idea (excepting victims of accidents, fires et al).

To those women bitching that men never look at your 'smile', 'face', 'personalty' etc... Obviously you're ignorant of biology and how humans are attracted to one another. We ARE animals, deal with it. You want someone to see the whole you? Don't expect them to do it in one gulp. We'll assume that as people get to know one another (in most cases) more than just the physical matters. That's what real world evidence suggests, anyhow.

P.S. And huge breasts are sexy as hell!

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

Well, I love boobs of all sizes, but I have to say large ones get my attention. On my second marriage, and both wifes have big ones. first wifes just hung there looking at the floor, God she turned me on. Second wifes are 38Ds and as firm as can be exspected for that size.Heck, I guess big tits are my favorite. But any size is nice,wheather lopsided are perfectly hung. nipples are also ok altiugh I perfer large areolas. Guess thats all I have to say about boobs.

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2000

More input from a nice guy...first of all, if there is too much emphasis on breasts, men are to blame for that. I'll admit it. Its a shame that to a large degree, men hold a woman's sexuality based upon the visual image of her chest. We can see it. Men are visual, women tend to be more...well, sorry, intellectual. There. I said it. If our penises were as much on display as a woman's chest, do you really think we'd be as quick to judge and stare? Granted, if you;re well endowed, its not a problem. But I feel for women (bad pun--sorry) who feel as tho they are being sized up as a guys lunch. Not fair. Not nice. But as someone correctly pointed out, we are all animals. I personelly love breasts...but it does not matter what size. I think if a woman has the sexual confidence to look great, wear them great, and it gives her the inner strength (and then that sexual strength is displayed for all to see), then THAT woman is the sexiest of all. A woman who knows despite their size, that her breasts look and feel great...SHE is the woman I would love to be with. THAT'S very sexy. And a huge turn-0n., --Marco in Connecticut

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2001

I like all breasts! my personal preference is larger and dark aureolae, I also think inverted nipples are very sexy.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2001

I'm sure i'm not alone in feeling like a bit of a freak for having breasts that do not conform to the type shown on movies and television (you know- round, pert, no too big and with little pink/brown areolas). Mine are a a bit big- 34D- and a bit saggy (hard not to be like this if you're a D, but I am only 18), and the areolas are very big and pale and bulge out. I feel really unsexy and abnormal. If I had the money, I would definitely consider having them changed surgically. I'm happy with my body otherwise- I'm slim but curvy, but my feelings towards my breasts totally ruin my body confidence and stop me being happy with how I look.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

I suppose that answer would best be answered by someone who loves breasts...like I do. There are some breasts out there that arent very pleasing to look at and can inhibit in some cases sexual stimulation. Extremely uneven breasts, small flats with hair, large breasts with hardly any areola or nipples, inverted nipples in sagging breasts, and the list goes on. Personally, I love them all, whether they are small or large, as long as they are in proportion to the rest of the womans body. Yet....my favorites are D's with large areolas...very comfortable indeed, not too big, not too small. But I can make any breast work. I even was excited over a woman with a single breast mastectomy...the one breast thing was a definite turn on, and not only did I ease her fears over her looks, she found a new gained self esteem about herself....although it took many months for her to actually believe me.

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002

I donīt know if I'm some kind of freak or something, but among my friends I'm the only one who like really big areolas. The wider, the better. The biggest areola I've seen was like 2 and a half inches wide; but that's not enough. Maybe someday I'll meet the right girl. The size of the breasts? Well, I like them big.

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

Does anyone know where I can buy one of those 1950's style pointed bras for my wife? Do they still make them? Someone told me that a company called exquisite form makes them, does any one know the model number? Thank you so much for the help! Ed

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

Well...let's see. I hate my breasts. I'd rather have none at all...a boys chest would be better than mine. i hate it because i have a "perfect" body..tall, slim, whatever...so with clothes on i look great. but as soon as those clothes come off! I have one boob size C, the other boob size D...they sag, they're stretched from breastfeeding..the areola's 1 1/2 inches around....not much of a nipple to speak of...i hate them. If i had the 3,800.00 to change them i would...until then i'll never be completely happy with my body. The worst thing to me is that people look at me and expect that i look as good naked as i do when i am clothed...it's so embarrasing to take my shirt off and see the surprise on my partner's face. Even my very own sister and mother have asked me to put my shirt back on because..."they're so gross"...ugh, i can't even tell you what a curse i think they are....

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

I love my lovers huge breasts! There's nothing better than sliding my cock between them! write me

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

I know I am not the only one with this problem but I have inverted nipples. I hate my body, even more now that I have 3 kids. My fience' says he loves them but I know he loves the feel of nipples on his lips. Any suggetions on what to do or if you know how much surgury is for this type of thing please email me.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2002

I love to massage boobs. I also like to put my penis between good pair of boobs and do the rocking movement till I cum all over the girls face.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2003

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