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I've been developing sheet films for some time . I have used Tmax 400, Tri-x, FP4 etc. for years. Lately I decided to try Tmax 100. The films have a distinct green cast when developed. I have not seen this problem with roll film or any other sheet film I use. I use the same chemistry - pre wet, Xtol, Kodak Indicator Stop Bath, Ilford Universal Fixer, rinse, Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent, wash & Photo Flo. Has anyone else seen this? Is it a problem?

-- Bill Lester (, August 25, 2000


I see this fairly often after I put the negatives in a sleeve and then place them against a white background such as the back of a contact sheet. I don't think it's a problem. I posed a similar question to the large format newsgroup a while back. Someone explained what it was but unfortunately I've forgotten. He assured me that it wasn't a problem so I've pretty much ignored it since. I get a similar "tint" with Ilford HP5+ sometimes also.

-- Brian Ellis (, August 25, 2000.

Bill, I've processed Tmax 100 several times and the negatives always looked normal. The only thing I do different is a water rinse instead of stop bath.

-- Don Sparks (, August 25, 2000.

we went on avacation out west many, many years ago. dad put the film in the trunk just behind the rear seat. was very hot there.. when he got the film back it was all very green(ruined).. good luck ffffg....

-- dave schlick (, August 27, 2000.

Bill, Try a 2 - 5 minute pre-soak in LFN, or Zonal Pro Archival Rinse, not Kodak Photo-Flo, then develop, water rinse, fix for double your current time, wash and end with another one minute in a fresh batch of the same wetting agent you used for the pre-soak. Contained in this are three things each of which will help solve the problem and combined you should never see the remains of the anti-halation layer again. Jim

-- Jim Noel (, August 29, 2000.

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