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Hi Id just like to thank everybody for taking so much interest in me, i normally dont get much time to go on the internet so let me clear a few things up for you, Ive never posted here before but a friend of mine told me about it and said that you all realy get into it, witch is cool, My birthday is August 12 1975, and i really dont want my email address broadcasted on the internet, im not jealous of Ben we get along really well period and i cant really remember what else i was going to say so thanks again peace out Casey

-- Casey Affleck (, August 24, 2000


Hi Casey, thanks for finally postinh here weve had some asshole pretending to be you and it was really starting to piss me off. well thanks again and i wish you the best of luck

-- Amanda Broan (, August 24, 2000.

um, I don't mean to sound mean, but how do we know this is the, as he put it "REAL CASEY" and not another fake? I mean, it's pretty easy to find out his birthday on-line and write a bunch of stuff to sound like the real nice as it would be to think he's really sending stuff out to this page, I wouldn't believe it so quickly if I were y'all..... but anywho, I've been readin the conversation so far, and it's interestin', to say the very ummm, but yeah, I have no idea what else to write, so see ya soon!! Well, buh-bye! Jen, AKA "Queenie"

-- Queenie (, August 24, 2000.

Would the real Casey write "witch" when he meant "which"? Also, why does he fail to capitalize "I"? Is it due to a self-esteem problem? It's a dubious posting, not for those reasons, which are just curiosities, but just because there's no way to be sure. Of all the purported "Casey Postings" in the discussion area, this is the most credible, if only for its simplicity and lack of pretentiousness. Do I sound like I'm reviewing wine? I really need to get a life...

Um, peace out, E

-- E (, August 26, 2000.

Um, "E", you do sound like you're reviewing wine, which is cool, because I actually had to look up half of what you wrote (man, I have been out of school WAY too long!) Anywho, you are right, this is the most like "the REAL casey" but I still wouldn't completely believe that this is him. I mean, who would, after all the impersonators on this site? lol, some of them are pretty funny, but not "The REAL casey" and maybe this one is, or maybe he isn't. so, ta ta for now! luv and Smiles, Dramaqueenie

-- Dramaqueenie (, August 27, 2000.

I am gullible and I actually do think this is the Real casey...He is human so who cares if there are a few mistakes! HI CASEY!!!!!!! ^_^

-- Vicki (, September 11, 2000.

I would so love to be gullible and believe this is the real casey to, vicky, but I dunno......there are so many imposters out there... but if this is the real casey......omigod, hi casey I love your movies and you're such an awesome actor and I really respect your talent and you are sooooo hot and I love you and you should e-mail me because I love you soooo much and you are so cool!!!! lol, yeah, so if this is the real casey, than that's what i have to say, and if this is some imposter, get a life you sick dirty homless mofo! dramaqueenie

-- dramaqueenie (, September 18, 2000.

I am the real Casey. Word to your mother.

-- C.C. Affleck (, December 04, 2000.

-- dramaqueenie (, January 15, 2001.

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