A Package That Can Trace You

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I recently received a card posted by the normal postman through the door addressed to me. For all intents and purposes it looked like a Royal Mail card that they leave when they try to deliver a parcel but get no answer when they ring your doorbell. This is just to let you know that it's NOT. If you read the VERY VERY small print below the address you'll see 50% is about credit and debt tracing. If you ring the number on the card (I'm Ex-Directory but I always dial 141 first, just to make doubly sure!) you'll find the package is a "TO-GO" catalogue(+ a wonderful pen)which they will send to you if you supply various personal details.

-- Lamps (Lamps@btinternet.com), August 24, 2000


had the same thing

-- mike robertson (mikerobertson_uk@ntlworld.com), October 13, 2000.

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