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For homeowners, few things are more satisfying than a beautiful lawn and garden. Here are some tips to help you improve yours:


Oh, that's it Unc Bob. For years I have defended you, stood up for you, laughed at your jokes, done you laundry, mowed your lawn, ran you errands, buffed your shoes, ran your business, dated your duaghter, etc. yada, yada, yada, so on and so on, and over ad nausem and all that jazz, and how do you thank me. Well I quit. You better sleep with one eye open from now on buddy, because it's just you and me - mano a mano.

-- Manuel (, August 23, 2000.

>Gang members will often pour malt liquor onto the ground in memory of their dead homies, resulting in soil damage. Shoo gang members away from your front yard.

I'm laughing so hard that the neighbor's cat, in addition to mine, has just come over to see what's going on. I live in a neighborhood where the Secret Grass Police do rounds on a regular basis, and one evening I returned from work just in time to hear a SGP member scolding this woman who regularly lets her three goldens relieve themselves on my new serviceberry shrubs. To get back at the SGP, the woman pored her can of Pepsi all over the SGP's prize fairy rose bush.

I'm sure that the above description will sound quite trivial, but it's cause for war in some suburbs.

-- (, August 24, 2000.

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