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This isn't really a question, so please don't be pissed at me for this. I just figured this might be a good place to post this... I am selling a collection of 5 REM CDs with all of their rare songs on it. It's available on eBay.com, at this link:


The CDs have all the early songs from before they released an album, all the b-sides, all the soundtrack songs, all the Fan Club singles, and a bunch of live covers. I know everyone on here is a big REM fan, so if you want to get all the non-album tracks in one place, this is the way to do it. :) have a nice day

-- Eddie Yo (Mr_BRETT@angelfire.com), August 23, 2000


WE FORGIVE U!!!! rare songs...mmm...im going to check it out...CHEERS,EDDIE!!!!

-- ms.Stipe (unit@indigo.ie), August 24, 2000.

I'm interested in your collection. So I tried to find your offer on eBay.com. But here's the anwer to my request:

The item you requested (418324839) is invalid or no longer in our database. Please check the number and try again. If this message persists, the item has expired and is no longer available.

What's your advice?

-- Conny (Cornelia.Moche@dlh.de), August 29, 2000.

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