A Small Confession!

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I have to admit to you all that I was pretty nervous that this BBs wasn`t going to get off the ground! For the first few weeks it felt like I was running a one man show, and having heated discussions with myself! I should have had more faith - because over the past couple of weeks, I can see that the word is beginning to get around, and our numbers are rising. I hope it goes from strength to strength, I believe that we can never have enough friends, or too much knowledge.

It is indeed a relief to see discussions developing without any prodding from me! Hopefully, I can relax a bit now that I don`t feel that I need to leap in and keep the conversation going!

I just want to re-state, that I have never intended this Talkshop to be `mine` - I simply had the time to set it up, and hope that it will take on a life of it`s own. As I have said before, the administration of the site can be handed over to anyone with a web site. What I suggest is that we let to bowl along for six months, and then see if anyone else wants the ball for a while - OK?

In the mean time - thanks you good people for making the effort, it`s wonderful to see. If we keep growing at a steady rate, I do have the option to further refine the site by catagorising the questions. But we can look at that later.(:o)

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2000

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