47mm Super-Angulon on Linhof Kardan Color

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I am planning on buying a 47mm Schneider Super-Angulon XL for my Linhof Kardan Color for architectural photography. I'd like to use a lot of movements including rise and shift. I know the Super Angulon just covers 4x5, but I am planning on using a rollfilm back. Many people have concerns about the limited wideangle capability of the Linhof - this refers to the Master Technika - doesn't it? How about the Kardan Color? Would it handle 47mm lens movements with a rollfilm back? Does anybody have any experiences?

-- Thomas Diekwisch (tomdkw@tambcd.edu), August 23, 2000


There is no recommended lensboard for the 47 on your camera. Call Linhof Service at 973 808-9626 and get the CORRECT answer.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), August 23, 2000.

Hello There, I have a cambo wide with 47mm SA XL. With this camera I cam only move left to right and rise and fall about 15mm from the central point. Great camera/lens combination but I haven't actually use a roll film with it yet.

-- Renee Galang (r.galang@chisholm.vic.edu.au), September 04, 2000.

Renee, thanks so much for your suggestion on the Cambo Wide. It's $500.-, isn't it. The entire thing with the lens maybe $2,000.-. Sounds like a steel compared to everything else. Does it come with front and back?

You are saying it only allows 15mm movement in each direction. How is that for the 47mm? That's not much, isn't it? Also, the camera looks cute but a little fragile. While rarely a big issue, in this case though I am worried about front and back parallelity. Is that a problem or are there stable stops to keep the camera standards parallel?

I guess my bigger question is what do I do for that particular purpose. The Cambo is definitely one option. Rebuilding my Linhof is another (but would cost additional bellows, wide angle board etc.). Or should get one of those ridiculously expensive panorama/shift cameras: Horseman $5000.-, Linhof $6000.-, Alpa 8000.- . They seem to be just the right thing but are they really worth it? The Cambo wide is somewhere in the middle, also with 15mm movements only, and with $3000.- Any sensible thoughts.

Renee, you really seem to like the Cambo wide. Why?

Please help. Any thoughts appreciated.



-- Thomas Diekwisch (tomdkw@tambcd.edu), September 07, 2000.

Sorry, I thought you meant the wide angle version of a Cambo 4x5 bellows view camera which is in the $500.- area.

The "Cambo Wide" is more like $3000.- with lens. Anyway, how are the movements for architecture? Is it enough?

Any advice also to the previous post is appreciated.

-- Thomas Diekwisch (tomdkw@tambcd.edu), September 07, 2000.

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