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Q1.What would be your mix selection methods for the selection of middle level managers and why? Q2. What is most necessary for the manager to motivate the employees and why? Q3. What is the role of the needs of the supervisors and subordinates in determining effective supervision? Q4. Which methods of training are the most suited for managerial training and why? Q5. What are the barriers in effective communication? How do we identify them? Q6. What do you understand by the concept of quality of working life? Discuss its relevance? Q7. Differentiate between physiological fatigues? Which is easy to manage?

-- Mahesh Binnani (, August 23, 2000


Q2 it is important for managers to motivate the employees because, they need someone in a higher level to help them in their life to let them know what to exspect from the job. So that when it gets tough they wont give up because they already know what to exspect when that time comes.

-- Akeyia Johnelle McDaniel (McDanielPrettyK, December 13, 2000.

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