I'm almost out of hiding!

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Peet is still here, wingless and warbirdsless, but still here. I'd love to get back into the air, but still haven't quite settled down yet. Also, numerous technical problems such as poor PC, lack of decent stick, and no way to pay for the habit. So basically, can't afford the tobacco for my pipe and I have no pipe in the first place. Otherwise, all is good, I'm earning peanuts, getting exam results tomorrow, bikes are well, my girly is well(Still demanding sex, I'll have to spank her later (-; ), and my college course starts soon, aero engineering, so, gimme a few months, I'll be back by next year hopefully. (-: Wish me luck, see you whenever...

Final note, glad thrax is staying. Must go, have to discipline my concubine.


-- Peet (Peeto999@aol.com), August 23, 2000

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