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I watched a few of the miexchng-sp .inps, and I analysed the top 8 on that game. The game is a NeoGeo game and (so) slow computers will have a lot of trouble playing it at the correct speed. From the analyses, it seems to me that the recordings by Cicca, Donut, and JoustGod were below regulation speed, especially when compared to the statistics of recordings by fast pressers like BBH, Gameboy, and Renzo Vignola. I'd like to hear the opinion of someone more familiar with the game.

(Oh, and tomorrow, I'll have a look at the recordings Gameboy mentioned earlier.)

Thanks. Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2000


This wouldn't surprise me at all. First official sign of cheating in tournaments that we ever had was MVDV's perfect on this very game in T1, so you might be able to further benchmark the .inps against that one. The game, as far as NeoGeo ones go, is very similar in style to the Magical Drop series which I play, and requires rapid right left tapping (more so as the game progresses), whereas less advantage is gained from the A or B taps (they have more to do with personal timing/synch) on a level.

Hope this helps somewhat. And based on their systems at the time, I'm not surprised to hear those three names listed.


-- Anonymous, August 23, 2000

This is certainly possible. I was the judge for this game so I looked at every recording made. As I recall the high score gradually worked its way up to the max of 64. For a short time Donut had 63 and there was a lot of talk about the true max. Then out of nowhere came a new player with the perfect game. Everyone was truly amazed!! Unfortunately, he made no attempt to play the other nine. Because of this experience, we instituted 2 new rules--everyone has to play all the games to qualify and based on my suspicion we subsquently started speed checks. I'm convinced any advantages were from slow computers and not from deliberate cheating...

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2000

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