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It is starting to become lonely on this forum. Has everyone gone on vacation? All the responses I am getting are hits and pings on my firewall. Might be time to take a long break.

Good night


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), August 22, 2000


Martin, hang in there. You're not alone. :)

-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), August 22, 2000.

I guess I'm one of those who rarely respond, but I read this stuff every day, and find much of it fascinating.

-- QMan (qman@c-zone.net), August 23, 2000.

I, too, sometimes wonder, and think, "Hello out there. Anyone home?" But, then again I think, this forum reads like a newswire. And, you, Martin give it the shot of adrenaline we all need. It's a VERY INTERESTNG newswire, containing good information that I cannot find anywhere else. And, I, for one, REALLY appreciate it.

-- JackW (jwpayne@webtv.net), August 23, 2000.

I would really miss this forum if not around. I check it several times a week.

-- Billiver (billiver@aol.com), August 23, 2000.

Better yet, I check it every day.

-- Uncle Fred (dogboy45@bigfoot.com), August 23, 2000.

I guess we are all guilty of not expressing our appreciation enough. I read extensively here, but stay silent most of the time. It's just like reading a newspaper, but with different content than you see in a newspaper.

I find the news on the building energy crisis esepcially interesting.

-- Uncle Fred (dogboy45@bigfoot.com), August 23, 2000.

I'm one who reads the old spin-off too. It has many responses, much more than this one. But, it can in no way compare to the quality of material presented here. I regard this as one of the most valualbe information-dispensing vehicles on the entire World Wide Web.

-- Wellesley (wellesley@freeport.net), August 23, 2000.

For the most part I go along with the rest of these opinions, but can understand why someone who has done so much work, and contributed so strongly, would want to consder retirement if he /she thought their work was going unappreciated.

-- Nancy7 (nancy7@Hotmail.com), August 23, 2000.

Although I've posted an answer only once, I check this site at least once a day and usually more than once. I regularly forward articles to others I know will find them interesting and/or useful. If you want to know more about what kind of info I watch for and forward, I'll be glad to tell you.


-- vicki (smithfox@mind.net), August 23, 2000.

I get a kick out of the way responses balloon every time a serious question develops over the possibility of unappreciated work. But, I think this proves one thing, at least....people are reading....even though it often doesn't seem like it.

-- R2D2 (r2d2@earthend.net), August 23, 2000.

Hello, yourself, Martin. Your contributions are good, and read just about every day by me.

My handle, Loner, is for a reason. I'm just the quiet type who desn't speak out very much.

-- Loner (loner@bigfoot.com), August 23, 2000.

I wouldn't even know about all of this important data on energy if it wasn't for Martin and a few of you others out there.

THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION, that I would hate to seee cut off.

-- Chance (fruitloops@Hotmail.com), August 23, 2000.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. Who said that? Was it Gen. Douglas McArthur? I think so. But, gosh, with all this underreported material about oil, natural gas, etc., and the buildup, apparently, of a real, coming, energy crisis, I'd just hate to see that fade begin now.

I suppose, if any one person, on this very valuable fornum, decides it's time to pack it in, I guess, sadly, that is their right. I guess there will always be someone else around to pick up the slack. (It says here.) But, I, for one, would miss your sharp-eyed observations a lot, Martin.

-- Wayward (wayward@webtv.net), August 23, 2000.

Mr. Thompson,

I am sorry fornot respoding to your posts more often. For some reason (mostly because I seldom found any oneposting to an of the threads). I had gotten the impression that one was not supposed to start up a dialogue in here..If I was wrong, I sincerely apologize. And I will revert to my usual opinionated self.

"As for me...I shall finish the Game"!


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), August 23, 2000.

Ditto above messages. Please keep it up clivus

-- clivus nondog (clivus@attglobal.net), August 23, 2000.

This is the first place I check each day and often thru out the day. I appreciate this board's input on the world's on going crisis. A crisis that the press intends to ignore. Thank you Martin and thank you all.

-- Ruth Angell (bar@bpsinet.com), August 23, 2000.

Martin, Dee, K, Spider, Rachel, Paula, and any whom I left off.

I truly appreciate the efforts you folks put in. This is just about the only place I get my newsbytes, I'll follow them sometimes for more details but generally it is enough.

The main stuff is just fluff and circus fodder....

This is where the real scoop is.

A hardy thanks to you folks who skim though the fodder and provide us with the meat of the events.


-- (perry@ofuzzy1.com), August 23, 2000.

Thank you Mr. Thompson, I know your time investment is large, and it's much appreciated. There are so few places where the info on this forum is available, and sources are getting fewer. THANKS lurking in wonderland, Lee

-- Lee Blocher (cblocher@northernway.net), August 23, 2000.

I check in everyday. Keep up the good work!!

-- Bill (sticky@2side.tape), August 23, 2000.

I NEVER miss getting the daily updates from this forum. I am genuinely astonished at your INDEFATIGUEABLE gumshoeing, to gather the latest on infrastructure problems. I can understand that you may need a break .... however, it seems to me that your services may shortly be even more valuable than they have been already to this point. Here's to YOU, Martin! and here's hopiung you can keep going again, even if you need a vacation.


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), August 23, 2000.

The reason I don't respond is that I understand that's not the modus operandi of this forum. Used to be when you responded or debated on this forum, you got trounced by some moderator.


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), August 23, 2000.

Don't you dare take my morning newspaper away from me!!!...LOL. This is THE only site I can't stay away from when I should be working. Thankyou all for your hard work!!!

-- Christopher (Chris@Chris.com), August 23, 2000.

As you can see Martin your contributions are highly valued and will always be in great demand. There was a lot of mystery and suspense leading up to Y2K but now I have just as much suspense and questions concerning this coming winters' propane, natural gas and heating fuel supplies. I think its going to reach crisis proportions again this coming winter but over an even larger part of the country. The natural gas pipeline blow in New Mexico has already started a massive chain reaction which inevitably leads to higher prices for the consumer. I think the demand for chimney sweeps is going to skyrocket! Thanks Martin

Oh yes, thank goodness the Fed cooks the books on the CPI index otherwise I'd think we've definitely got an inflation problem.

-- Guy Daley (guydaley@bwn.net), August 23, 2000.

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