OK, you aint rid of me yet ;)

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OK, by un-popular demand Thrax stays ;)

This new TOD we are flying allied. I would suggest that we do the following:

If when you log on there is no fellow squaddie on then you can do or fly whatever side you like. If more than one of you is on, then work it out between you. If more than two then fly for the side the squad is touring with for that TOD.

This is gonna prevent squad/squad kills etc.

And we really should have a squad meeting soon. The last one had virtually no one at it :( Lets make the next one good.

All those in favour say "Aye"


-- Thrax (DemUK@aol.com), August 21, 2000


Good news...

Great, glad Thrax is staying on. As far as this TOD, I've been switching between allied/axis to help even out numbers. At the same time, trying to make sure I don't fire upon a fellow squad mate that I know is in the area. It's worked so far....Tex

-- Tex (cbbarnes@konnect.net), August 22, 2000.


Aye Thrax, Glad you're staying :-) Hope to see a "Welcome back Thrax (Even though you never really left)" squad meet soon.

Luv Fernsy

-- Dave Ferns (dferns@bigpond.net.au), August 23, 2000.


Aye! A big Welcome back mate & hope to see ya flying soon! You DID bring the beer didn't you?



-- Squatc (acirem@gte.net), August 24, 2000.

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