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I have an old Pioneer CLD-1070. It supports LD and CDV formats. Ive been looking for the longest time to find a converter to convert my .VCD files to a CDV or LD format for recording to my CD-R. Is there software out there that can write to a CDV or LD format? If so email me, or reply! Id much rather watch my files on T.V. instead of the computer.

-- Robert A. Dye (, August 21, 2000


I don't think there is likely a software that can do that. Even if it could, it would take a lot more disc to contain the movie.

Your option to watch VCD on TV would be to buy a new VCD/DVD player, which I think naturally will be cheaper than the authoring software it it exists!

I heard also there are shops that can add VCD function to LD players.



-- Rusman E. Priyana (, August 21, 2000.

I would second that. I'de pick up a new DVD player that supports VCD, DVD, and SVCD formats.

I just picked upa pioneer 333. Very nice player, I would recommend it or something similar. You can check out compatibility ratings over at...

Good luck

-- eric (, August 21, 2000.

THe laser disc player used an analog system to record and I doubt that this can be done with your home computer since CDRs record only digitally. To convert your LD player, it will have to be sent to a company in Calf and costs $100. For 179 you can get the Apex 600A at circuit city which will play svcds, vcds, cds, dvds, and mp3. If you want to convert to LD, there are commercial companies that can do this but it woould be cheaper and easier to buy a DVD player rather than refit your LD.

-- klebsiella (, August 22, 2000.

yeah your looking at a few thousand to put things onto laserdisc ( i have checked into this before). But since the dvd recordables (homedeck and PC) are getting more affordable, you should just wait for that.

-- Doug (, August 23, 2000.

One misconception in the answers to this post.It should be possible to make a Laserdisc-format CDV with a Computer CD-RW drive because this format falls under the redbook standard which all CD-RW drives support.What is needed here is someone who actually knows the exact specs involved in the CDV format.Why hasn't anyone deconstructed one of the Laserdisc format CDV's yet?What is the pixel equivalent of a Laserdisc Video signal and is the audio separated or multiplexed into the video? Is Laserdisc video just a simple 29.97 fps YUV signal? What makes a Laserdisc player know when it has a Laserdisc or CDV disc in it?I turned to the internet for answers on how to make a CDV for my LD player, but I have just come away with more questions.I am bewildered at the fact that no one has figured this out yet.

-- Ethan Crane (, April 19, 2001.

I have a CDV disc at home. I've ever put it into my CD-ROM, but it coundn't be read. Since a CDV can't be read by a CD-ROM, I suppose we're not able to creat a CDV on a CD-R/RW by using a CD-R/RW recorder. (But I wonder other recorders can do or not....?!)

-- Frederic (, February 21, 2002.

well.... ive been loking for this damn authoring software... there is a program called DVDMotion SE, CE, PRo etc. that claims to author and burn DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs, AND CVDs... ive been trying to download the trial but its useless cant find it... maybe you should alll try it, and in case you got something mail me back...

-- boon Tobias (, July 04, 2002.

Yes yes...but what I want to know is how can I record my current LD collection onto DVD without losing any quality in picture or sound? I know that my LD player has a digital optical output, but I can't seem to find a DVD recorder with a digital optical input. Any ideas?

-- Aaron (, April 17, 2003.

I've done a Laserdisc to SVCD conversion. The process would be almost identical for DVD. I ran the Laserdisc into my DV cam (could also use an anaogue capture card), and then captured to avi. I took the resulting avi and ran it through CCE (could also use TMPGenc). Depending on what format you want, you either set the specs (CCE), or just pick a preset (Tmpgenc) and encode. Then a day later, you have a finished mpeg you can burn with Nero, VCDEasy, DVD whatever. I found that each side of a LD (close to an hour) will fit onto an svcd very nicely.

As far as doing surround sound, you would need to have a recorder on your pc capable of capturing surround wave files. You can encode an MPEG using 5.1, but not sure what you would use to capture. Stereo is easier, and is what I have used.


-- Bill Friedrich (, April 29, 2003.

have converted LD karaoke to mpg with a Video Capture card (that has Vid and Aud input holes , and audio line output hole) and a sound card. Then burnt a vcd with Nero. Trouble is it lost the karaoke function (cannot turn off the singing voice) Al

-- Al (, August 29, 2003.

I want to convert the opposite way. I want to go from laser to dvd or vcd but I cant find software to burn such a disk without using menus but still have tracks/chapters. I am trying to convert laser Karaoke disks to a more managable disk. When being played I need to go directly to a track/chapter, not a menu first. Can anyone help?

-- B Dooley (, February 05, 2004.

I would think that there is some way to burn a cdv disc. Mechanically, the laserdisc player and plain old cd-rom read the same type of data. Which, contrary to what someone else has said, are both recorded digitally. The only difference is that the cdv is entirely sequential, where as a cd-rom can be stored in any random order as long as the fat table is correct. (Except for audio discs, they are all sequential, but that is why a laserdisc player will play audio discs, even if your computer won't.) The difference is that your DVD player and computer both view compressed video, and use decorders to be able to view it. The laserdisc just reads plain digital "on, off" switches. If there were any program which would record video into a format like that, I'm sure a video disc could be made playable for a ld player.

-- Trevor Hansen (, May 12, 2004.

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