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Any body out there with any interesting facts or pieces of information, particularly if you are depressed or Gothic. DOES ANYBODY HERE LIKE MARYLIN MANSON> OR CRADLE OF FILTH, ect ect ect ect...

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000


Did you notice how the last thread you started got deleted?

That's because I complained about your offensive name.

Don't do it again.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000


I too and, Im confident, many on this forum share your disgust and distaste for the abhorrent cognomen with which this individual has chosen to christen himself. Alas, the burdens of a free communications medium, eh! Perhaps, we can take some solace in the fact that his interests appear to be extraordinarily narrow, confined and of short duration. I thank you for your complaint to the forum manager.

While I refuse to debate the obvious conclusion that we are condemned to share this planet with this lower life form, I am open to limited discussion on whether or not the person in question is representative of a partial or a complete waste of flesh. What say you, Joe? : )


-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

i am gothic and depressed , and heres my view of E.A.P. I think he is one of the best authors of all time and i try to modle my poetry after his . We both have the same view of tings and am deeply inspired by his works.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

oh yes i forgot something . Tis please SHUT THE H*LL Up ! you are such a know it all !

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000


While I applaud and would encourage your interest and fascination with Mr. Poe, I suspect it really has little to do with his unequaled genius, his creativity or his inestimable contributions to American literature. You see, literary genius has minimal shock value and profound poetic creativity merely induces surprising and lasting pleasurable experiences deep within the heart and soul. You know things that depressed Gothics seem to abhor the most. : )

Perhaps your fascination has much more to do with the commercial and exploitative vision of Poe and his works that has been passed down from Rufus W. Griswold to successive lazy and incompetent biographers over the last 150 years. Of course, this presumes, and perhaps erroneously, that you have taken the time to become acquainted with Poes biography and not relied upon the vapid, vacant opinions from Hollywood generated misrepresentations. Regardless, your personal opinions relative to him, his life and his works are of value to this forum and I encourage you to participate.

In response to your bold and rather clearly stated request that I shut the h*ll up, alas the answer would have to be a firm No As for your opinion that I seem to know it all thank you, dear, thank you very much!

And please. accept my

Warmest Regards, : )

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2000

True gothic people won't care what other people have to say.Edgar,I consider, should be recognize as the founder of gothic writing.As for Manson, he is not gothic. If you want to know a gothic band, it is the Cult.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

*Clears Throught* Ok... First Thing, For The Poster, My First Inset About You "...Homisidal Son Of A..." Then I Thought "...Poor Poor Man, Mixing Poe With Hipnotic Drugs And The Thaught Of 'Live Sucks' On The Mind, He Needs A Momma" Then, After I Saw Yer Name "...Grrrrr..." See, Your Too... Degradable, I Dont Disreguard The Fact You Have No Love For Life, But Hell, Get This...

"Edger Allen Poe Is A Cheritable Man With A Harsh Life, BUT He Therfore Explained His Hard, Rash Hatred By Poetry, POETRY: The Art Of Poetic Explanations And Fealings Of One Person From There HEART. See, Poe Explained Death, Therfore, Enforcing The Beleife That 'Life Is Good, Don't You Think?' You Get That From Reading Even 'The Raven' 'DEATH IS BAD, DO NOT DIE' See, I'm Putoing It In 'Simple Terms For You' Do You Think Poe Thaught Death Was A 'Good Thing' If All He Did Was Write How Bad And Eirie It Was? Well, Second, Please, Your Name? I Mean, Do You Trully Think We Enjoy And Laugh At That?

Now, For My Inquirery Of Intelect, Joe, On THe Dot, Tis, I Realy Agree With You, But Think You Coukld Have Been More... To The Point, See, I Do Not Mind Telling This Poor Man To Live, Do You?

Now, Goddess, You Seem... Disterbed, Sad To Say, You Think You Know Poe, If You Do, You Would Be A "Know It All" See, Poe Is For An Inquirer, Not All Understand It, If It Mans Bringing Geeks And Goths Under One Roof, So Be It, He's A Brilliant Man, And You Should Learn From Him! And Please, Don't Be So Hatfull, Telling Another Poster To Shut The Hell Up Only Shows Your Weak, And Cannot State A Correct Backup For Your Idea, If You Can Back It Up, And Not Simply Dismiss The Apposing Point Of Veiw. I May Now Seem Like A Prep, But In All Sakes, I Am Not

Oh, Yeah, Joe, I Dispize Your Poor Maner In Stopping Our Questioner, I Mean, You May Disagree, But Please, Do Only That, He Has Right To Oppinion, No Matter What He Says, He Can Always Be Proven Wrong By Simple Knowledge

Peace, Double D

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

If you want gothic, check out The Cure - Pornography or maybe Abney Park. Manson is not goth. He is a manufactured fool.

I personally like Edgar Allan Poe due to his creative genius. I find his poetry very dark, and yet morbidly happy (if such a thing exists). I inspires many of my works, but I sometimes go on a happy tangent and write about love lasting forever..., but so did Poe on occasion.

I like writing poetry that makes people think and they find a sense of peace from it. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Your friend, D

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002

morbid goddess, you are such a poser.. anyone who is happy to be depress and gothic is a fucking retard. yes, manson is not a goth, hes a dumbass, the cure is amazing. i will kill you morbid goddess, you fucking disgust me. tis, right on, kill this bitch

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2003

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