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My former pastor turned Episcopal District Bishop [July 1996] AJ Richardson has published a new book titled, "Headlines to Homilies:Sermons On Political, Commercial & Other Popular Annoyances" [Four-G Publishers, Inc. July 2000]. Bishop Richardson is unique in my life because he is without doubt the first pastor-theologian I've had the privilege to serve under. While serving as Pastor of Bethel AME in Tallahassee, FL Rev. Richarson was a frequent guest in my Sunday School class where he provided illuminating commentary where me and my fellow students wrestled with existential challenges and conundrums. Arguably his greatest skill as an accomplished rhetoritician was allowing equal time for an obsure unknown new member of his flock to feel perfectly comfortable in making comments on the essence of Grace & Salvation. It's a debt I will unlikely ever be able to repay.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000

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