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i had this dream the other nite(COZ I DONT SLEEP),and it was all about REM...uh...dare i say UP FOR GOOD!!!! (GASP!! SCREAM...SLIT WRISTS..etc..!!) but it got me thinking on a more serious note on whether or not this new album will be the bands final one??i really hope its not,but the more i think about it,the more it worries there going to be a final "goodbye" tour in the next two years..or sooner?? its KILLING me to even think about it,so PLEASE put my mind at rest... (if u DO think theyre coming to an end,please bear in mind that im very sensitive about the subject,and also there is a cliff nearby that looks jumpable..LOL!!) thank you!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 21, 2000


Well i once had this thought, i mean how long can a band go on for! In actual fact, R.E.M is the longest running band that i know. i don't believe the beattles went on longer!. Well they do say that good things come to an end!I hope your dream was just a nightmare! i sure hope they don't quit. By the way, what the hell were you doing dreaming about REM. I love REM to but dreaming about them!......well it takes all sorts i suppose!

-- Craig (, August 21, 2000.

The band still seems to be going strong, doesn't it? I think that if they planned to break up soon, they would have just done it when Bill left. But, heh, what do I know. There was a rumour that dogged REM throughout the eighies that they would play one last show for New Year's 2000 and then break up, but I guess that didn't happen. As for longest bands, though, the Rolling Stones have been going for close to forty years (and get progressively more ugly); and the Beatles lasted for ten.

-- green (, August 21, 2000.

As long as they enjoy what they do, and people buy their records, they'll keep going...thats what Michael says.

-- ronan hunt (, August 21, 2000.

thanx guys...maybe tonite i ll be able to dream about something else......any ideas???...thought not! REM it is 4 tonite then..mmmmm..the video 4 lotus.....(THIS IS A DREAM WORTH HAVING..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL!!!)

-- ms.Stipe (, August 21, 2000.

by the way,craig from essex...did u get my email??

-- ms.Stipe (, August 21, 2000.

This certainly is craig and how in holy nazorath did you know where i lived....did i tell u or something? yeah im in essex but no unfortunately i never recieved your mail.....try again!

-- Craig (, August 23, 2000.


im the one who lives in ireland and u told me that u write good lyrics!!!! dont u remember me??? im SOOOO offended!!!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 23, 2000.

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