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Selling picture frames over the Web.


- a highly demanded product - good margin on it - simple product that is mostly a commodity and thus easy to order - can add value with fancy frames and mat cuts


- shipping? Can pricing be competitive with this included - shipping glass is a pain - have to keep some inventory (not much though)

More thoughts?

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000


I'm not sure if there is a market for used seems like more of a fleamarket/yard sale thing. However, this is the type of stuff that my work well over eBay.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000

Would I buy frames over the Web? Definitely if:

- the source was reliable - the price was good - the products were standard - the service was good

As a photographer and collector of prints, I think it would be great to be able to buy even standard wood or metal frames and have a custom mat cut for that all I'd have to do is mount my print with a bit of linen tape.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000

I like the idea that the inventory needs to be low. Not much investment. I'm looking for thoughts on who could the market be? Would you buy a frame over the net? or would the focus be to other vendors? I had the ugliest pictures for sale in my garage sale. My mother-in- law bought them because they were painted by me when I was a teenager. The point is they generated a lot of interest. she had them set aside and people were going out of their way to look at the frames. What about used frames? Is there a market for them? Is it something worth Susan going out on Saturday mornings looking for frames to sell. The glass problem, I'll have to think about.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000

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