Rayo lamps

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What are some comparisons between the Rayo lamps and the Aladdin lamps. We use Aladdin lamp oil but it doesn't seem to give much light, am I doing something wrong?

-- Kim Baker (kbaker@mhtc.net), August 18, 2000


Both use round wicks and burn kerosene or lamp oil, but that all they have in common. Aladdin lamps have a mantle that sits above the flame and it's the mantle that glows and gives off the light. Rayo lamps are brighter than flat-wicked lamps because of the chimney effect and the longer burning edge, but that's it.

My Aladdin lamps give off at least as much light (and a lot more heat) than a 60 watt bulb.

--At least I _think_ it's Rayo that I'm thinking about. There was one other lamp that used mantles. If it's Rayo, than I don't know what I'm talking about.

-- paul (p@ledgewood-consulting.com), August 18, 2000.

Hey Paul! You're right about Rayo's. They are like a regular lamp but with a round wick and no mantle. Of all the lamps I have I only have a partial Rayo. Used to be about as common as a flat wicked lamp around here but guess they've all been thowed away. Matt. 24:44

-- hoot (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 18, 2000.

I have an old lamp I inherited from my parents that has a circular wick. Is this a Rayo? It has been years since my parents used it and I cannot get the wick to burn Any suggestions?

-- Cheryl Cox (bramblecottage@hotmail.com), August 20, 2000.

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