Fuji Quickload in a 4x5 Bender

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I have a question regarding the Fuji Quickload holder... I know that the Polaroid 545 and 545i are slim enough to work well in the Bender 4x5 while thicker holders such as the 405 will not work. Does anyone have experience using the Quickload holder in a Bender?

I was told that if the Quickload is only slightly larger than the 545 it should work ok. Perhaps someone might be able to at least tell me the relative thickness with reference to the 545i...

Thanks much,


-- Daniel Sayre (arcadianet@firstinter.net), August 18, 2000


No direct experience in this yet, but I'm building a Bender (nearly done) and will to use with a Kodak Readyload. You just need to position a part that holds down the spring (part #24 I think) at the right position (i.e. thickness) for the holder. If you intend to use other holders of different thicknesses as well, you may have an issue. Otherwise, I think you can manage.

-- Chris Werner (cbwerner@att.net), August 18, 2000.

I happen to have both Quickload and 545i holders, and I put them side by side and compared the thickness of the portion that needs to fit into the camera (the 545i actually takes up more space when you're trying to pack it into your bag). Looked pretty much identical to my eyes.


-- J Greely (jgreely@corp.webtv.net), August 19, 2000.

As Chris suggested, you could just move the little spring tensioner/retainer blocks and make room for the holder that way. I did exactly that in order to get my Bender to accomodate a Grafmatic holder, which being quite thick would have otherwise deformed the springs. The nice part is that I was able to position the blocks in a position that provided enough tension when using regular film holders as well as enough room to comfortably insert the thicker grafmatic. Good luck.

Just a thought...

-- Dave Munson (orthoptera@juno.com), August 21, 2000.

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