Ever Used a "Walker Titan WIDE"?

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Ellis Vener suggested I look at Walker Titan camera for waterfall photography due to its ABS plastic body. I have checked all the LF camera threads and the "4x5 Round Up" and found some information on the Walker Titan and very little info ("Do not underestimate the wideangle model.") on the "Walker Titan Wide" camera. From the Robert White web site, I know the Walker Titan Wide was introduced in 1998 and as the name implies it is designed as a WA version of the original model. After reading the specs on the R. White site, I'm curious to know if anyone has any first-hand experience with the wide version they would like to share? Thanks,

-- Charles Mangano (cmangano@heart.umaryland.edu), August 18, 2000


You may know this, but this months View Camera has a little write up on it. Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (dvlastor@sfu.ca), August 18, 2000.

My experience is the one which I've been gathering at a Shop in Amsterdam (Nivo-Schweitzer), where I've been plaing with both Walkers. Great Cameras both of them, British made which means that some details might not equal the beauty and refinement of an Ebony but by Jove! It would take a Tank to do these cameras anything! Solid ABS and stainless steel! You can use both for wideangle use, given the Wideangle bellows and a worderful recessed lens board. The Wide angle model cuts down on weight (if not necessary why carry any around?) and allows you to go all the way down to 35mm Grandangon. Very, very few cameras can claim that. If you can buy direct, mr. Walker does do that! If you can come to Cologne-Germany for the fotokina , I'm sure Mike Walker will be there! Regards

-- andrea milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), August 21, 2000.

Hi Charles, the WALKERs are all very beautifully crafted cameras, but very well and userfriendly designed. The material is excellent and the cameras will work under all circumstances and conditions.(the ABS is not a "simple" plastic; it is heavy duty and its coating has a nice feeling to touch.) If you are more on the WideAngele side have a look in the newest "Viewcamera-magazin". There is a new Walker XL. Walker has its own Web side: www.walkercameras.com, and there you will find nice # prices as well I have a Walker Titan, and its just great. Good luck Urs

-- Urs Bernhard (ursworkvision@bluewin.ch), August 23, 2000.

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