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I'll be putting forward a vote on multiple issues at the end of the month, based on what have been hot topics for the last little while.

I will put an open vote for Q*Bert settings, since JG has introduced the debate. There is a also a Q*Bert technique that I will submit for a ban vote (how to get on the bottom side of the pyramid)

I will also make a recommendation that we change regulations for sports games that would permit playes to change settings to allow extended play, on games that normally restrict it to one inning or whatever. This would mean you could change settings (if possible) to allow continued play if you continue to win, but would NOT allow players to insert additional coins. The only game I am currently aware of this applying to is Extra Innings, although there's likely others. Essentially then, all this is is a settings change on one game, but it would apply as a modification to the general rules of MARP. (tell me what you think. this is a whole can of worms that I really don't want to open, but has probably been ignored for too long) I dont' even want to get into a multiple coins debate on the message board, as I hope most of you will agree.

Please comment. Anyhting I should add. I know there must be, but I'm at work right now, and can't check my 'to do' list.

Miscellany page is almost complete, btw. It has all the starnge scoring explained, as well as info on NVRam and games that don't playback under certain betas of MAME. Hopefully it will help reduce some of the confusion around NVRam. If I could get a brief wirte up from skito or BenJos about exactly how the .nv file system works, it would be a lot of help to me.

Thanx all, Q.T.Quazar

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2000


oops someone posted here, been too busy trying to finish fernandez off before barry does. i'm ignorning bagman for the moment because it seems benjos has no limit to what his pattern (or his stamina to listen to turkey in the straw) can do. What i know of nvram files is probably obvious to others but here's something brief to someone who hasn't got a clue.

some later video games required detail statistics of who and how the games were being played. the amount of storage required went beyond the boundaries and design of the .hi files, so the nvram were designed. A keen example of this is any leland games, Strike Zone, Ataxx or offroad. These games offer to store your history with the machine by entering your birthdate and initials, so you can see how you have faired in recent play. A side effect of these files being a place to store information is that they appear other input from the user. This requires their coordination with the inp recorded for proper playback of files. An additional complication of these files is that the -playback option of mame is no longer a "read only" operation. Indeed, mame -playback can effect the state of nvram files because even during playback mame thinks it's safe to burn some nvram information.

Because of these complexities, it is desired that you make a script to remove the .nv file from the nvram directory when you make recordings of your favorite games to ensure proper playback for others who will assume the nvram file should be deleted before playback. You may however include the nvram file "that you started your recording with" with your upload provided it playsback with that nvram file.

i'm sure better words could be spoken elsewise.

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2000

Q*bert and Joust settings both certainly need to be changed to 5 men only. This is not a big deal to the players as much as it is for the judges. It's torture to sit watching these even at full throttle!!

Q.T., before you came on board, we had 2020bb in T1. We changed the rules for this one to handle tournament conditions. Since this is a timed game, slow players would be at a huge disadvantage. Hence, we allowed two exceptions for this game. First time per credit was extended from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. Secondly, multiple credits were allowed so that a full 9 innings could be played and final scores easily compared.

I would take votes on one issue at a time and perhaps for now leave things as is for sports games at regular MARP. For sports games in tourneys we will need to investigate further. Scoring systems are too varied to make general assumptions. Just think about baseball, golf, tennis, and racing games for starters!!

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2000

ummmm...I competed in and completed T1, Pat, or don't you remember fighting with me for a solid month about Us vs. Them? LOL! I can't believe you forgot about that! I dropped out a month before the end, and finished fifth, so maybe you just forgot about me when you were done confirming my scores...

As for one issue (or game) at a time, I was thinking much the same way. I just wanted to have a precedent set so that there was something to fall back on as a guideline.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2000

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