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hi all!!! ive just heard that stipe has fallen in love(yes,of corse he still loves me!!) with a male just looking to see if anyone has any info on him??

much obliged!!!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 18, 2000


hi again. yeah i've that too, i think he IS with an artist at the moment, who he says hes happy with, and is commited to! it makes you happy that hes happy doesn't it? hehehe

-- jen (, August 18, 2000.

actually jen,im going through the denial phase...itll always does!!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 18, 2000.


-- o (, August 18, 2000.

Yeah, he talks about it in his interview in dazed & confused magazine.

-- mark (, August 22, 2000.

hes broke my heart.*sobs into dazed & confused magazine* anyone want to help me get over him?

-- Suzanne (, August 22, 2000.

well if ur looking 4 sympathy to get over him i can help u,but if ur looking 4 a desperate fool to make love with to help u get over him im afraid i cant help u there.....but wait!!...i know someone who CAN...

where is my brother anyway.... (LOL) if u read this brother of mine....eehhh...SORRY!!!!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 22, 2000.

i was only kidding folks!!!

-- Suzanne (, August 24, 2000.

so was i!! why is it that the only two people who get my sense of humour are JEN&LISA??...ohhh, and CRAIG!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 24, 2000.

aaaaw, shucks. hey ms s, aint we just so darn popular? oh yeah, and craig if ya like

-- jen (, August 24, 2000.

okaaaaay, going back an answer, i meant to say LISA instead of MS S. phew, this joint is goin' in the bin! no wait, i'll finish first, hehehe, joke if ne coppers are reading, snigger!

-- jen (, August 24, 2000.

yep we sure are! :)

-- Lisa (, August 24, 2000.

aaahhheeemmmm....IM popular too...well...i kinda am...amint i???....lisa??!!,jen??!! ....ANYONE???!!!

-- ms.Stipe (, August 24, 2000.

naaaah, sorry, me and lisa are the popular ones.... your just... whats the word..... come back to me on that one. maybe you would be popluar if you weren't so selfish with your sayings, hehehe

-- jen (, August 24, 2000.

im sorry to have to come to not one to USUALLY use HIGHLY OFFENCIVE language in public,but JEN,u deserve it :

JEN: U ARE A BBAAAAAAADDDD CHICKEN!!! ur not coming to my house till u tell me ur sorry...or send me a copy of the APOLOGISTS chorus...and im gonna get a swarm of lili leprachans to come and eat really the best option is to say sorry....

(LISA:...let this be a warning to U AS WELL!!!!)



-- ms.Stipe (, August 25, 2000.

LOL....we've gotta give Ms Stipe some credit right Jen? Sooooooo........Yeah for popular Ms Stipe!!:) Gosh I sound like a dork :p

-- Lisa (, August 26, 2000.

a b-b-b-BAD CHICKEN?????? oh okay, here goes.... I'M SORRY, SO SORRY, SO SORRY, SO SORRY, I'M SORRY, SO SOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY! hmmmm, i dunno if i miscounted the sorries there, if i did... I'M SORRY, SO SORRY, SO- oh wait, i already did that didn't i, well- AAAAAH, LOOK WHAT U MADE ME DO!!!!!! i just broke my up case getting the lyrics out! well i hope your happy, hehehe

-- jen (, August 26, 2000.

AAAAWWW......thnks guys,now i feel so WANTED!!!

im "SO SORRY" about ur cd case,Jen...(LOL!!)

-- ms. stipe (, August 26, 2000.

Jenny Baby, If you're so Sorry so sorry, Than sing the Apologist Song to us that that's up on the R.E.M. Up Album."

-- Stephanie (, August 26, 2000.

beg your pardon?

-- jen (, August 27, 2000.

thats what she WAS singing,steph!! read her last msg to me & youll see!!

-- ms. stipe (, August 28, 2000.

Jenny Baby, If you're so Sorry, Sorry, Than sing the Apoligist song from the R.E.M. UP Abum."

-- Stephanie (, August 28, 2000.

ummmmmm..... sure steph, i'll do that (again)

-- jen (, August 29, 2000.


-- ms. stipe (, August 30, 2000.

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