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Hello group,

I am thinking about a long lens for my 8x10 and 7x17 cameras.

I am thinking that a 750mm (30") lens is the right focal length, and a good complement to my 450mm Fujinon C.

I was originally considering the Fujinon 600 C as my only option, but discovered that there are still some Docter Optik lenses available at various locations. However, a search of the archives shows that there is very little information on the DO lenses, with the exception of the spec. sheet on the homepage.

In the 750mm focal length, there is little to choose from. The DO Apo Germinar, a couple of telephoto designs, and the old Red Dot Artars, and other older 'classic' lenses.

I would prefer a modern shutter, and a new DO (in a modern Copal #3 and mulit-coating) ends up being about the same price as an old Red Dot in an old shutter.

Can anyone give me some feedback on the DO lenses, positive or negative?



-- Michael Mutmansky (, August 18, 2000


I ran across the following site - hope it helps.

-- Wayne DeWitt (, August 26, 2000.

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