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Hey, just wanted to know, if there was any one, who is fan of R.E.M. & Pearl Jam?

See ya,

-- Thomas Tefcke Pedersen (tomtp_tefcke@hotmail.com), August 18, 2000


yep...i am!!!!!!

-- ms.Stipe (unit@indigo.ie), August 18, 2000.

yes indeedy, i like pearl jam. but those REM guys, they're pretty crap really aren't they... oh, you know i'm kidding, hehehe

-- jen (not@tellingyou.com), August 18, 2000.

Yeah I am too! They are two class bands!

I also like these bands: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Joe Satriani, Bush, Filter, Crash Test Dummies, Radiohead.

-- Dan Clark (dan11223@yahoo.com), August 18, 2000.

Pearl Jam are pretty good, but nowhere in the same league as REM. Since someone before me did it, I guess I'll list some of my other favorite bands:

King Crimson, Bad Religion, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Hendrix, Knapsack, Bouncing Souls, Dismemberment Plan, Modest Mouse

Does anybody else like any of these bands???

-- Eddie Yo (Mr_BRETT@angelfire.com), August 20, 2000.

pink floyd were brilliant,the pumpkins try a bit too hard image wise,but corgans lyrics are beautiful.bad religion are cool...sometimes!!

-- ms.Stipe (unit@indigo.ie), August 21, 2000.

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