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I recently purchased an 8.25" (210mm) Red Dot Artar lens in barrel (circa late 1960's or early 1970's) and would like to mount a lens shade to the front of the lens. Unfortunately, the filter thread size of the lens appears to be different than all standard filter thread sizes made today. The closest standard size currently being made is 40.5mm, but that is slightly too big.

1. Does anyone know if lens shades were ever made either by Goerz or by any other manufacturer that would fit onto the front of the Goerz RD Artar 210mm?

2. Is anyone aware of any other way of attaching a lens shade securely to a lens without screwing it on?

3. I am aware of being able to have an adapter ring custom-made to accommodate a standard filter thread, but I've been quoted $50. as the price it would cost--and don't want to spend that much money if I can help it--the lens didn't cost much more than that!

Thank you.

-- nick rowan (, August 18, 2000


You are going through exactly the same problem that I am (I got a 40.5mm 1/2 turn into mine and decided the pitch was wrong). I'm sending my 8-1/4 to Grimes next week. The problem is that the threads were for retaining rings - they were never intended to be filter mount threads. There are clip-on adapters available (I think Grimes may have these also - other possible sources are B&W and maybe Heliopan). Since I want to standardize on my filters and lenshade mounting I don't have a choice. Good luck!

-- Wayne DeWitt (, August 18, 2000.

Go to the "series" filter junk bin at your big old camera store. Find one that fits -- either a filter or a claw like adapter. Take an UV filter much bigger and the standard size you've decided on, pop out the glass from the series filter and put it in the middle of the UV filter. Put a moat of epoxy between the two filters. Screw off the retaining ring from the UV filter. Put a dowel on it and whack it out with a hammer. Now you have a series slip on adapter for 5 bucks. A bit of Teflon tape will firm it on permanent like. It works for me until some day I get the compendium. Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, August 18, 2000.

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