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write yer fav band quote's in here so i can be inspired by them k...

-- Lisa (lgrinavic@olg.com), August 17, 2000


"You mean this opera involves handcuffs?" (You can only guess what that's about)

-- Kent Stevens (smashingpete@yahoo.com), August 17, 2000.

I dont actually know who said this quote but i think it pretty much sums up REM, for me anyway.

"When i get to heaven, the angels will be playing not harps but Rickenbackers and they will be playing songs by REM"

There you go.

-- Suzanne (clanlennie@zoom.co.uk), August 17, 2000.

I like on the Sesame St appearance playing "Furry Happy Monsters", when during the break Michael Stipe says something like "Come on Monsters, you don't have to cry, we can be happy!" It's so ridiculously cheesy and such a load of BS, that it can't help but pick you up. Try listening to that if you're ever feeling depressed, and you've got access to that performance.

-- KarlOS (still_aroused@hotmail.com), August 17, 2000.

Mike Mills - "After my experience with Hollywood, I wouldnt care if the whole place burned to the ground".

-- ronan hunt (ronanhunt@hotmail.com), August 17, 2000.


-- ms.Stipe (unit@eircom.ie), August 17, 2000.

Something one of the band said once (Think it was Mike Mills)

"Nobody has to change the whole world if everyone changes their own little part of it"

I think that's it....

-- Jon Kinsey (eeg@btinternet.com), August 17, 2000.

'Labels are for food' - michael on being called bisexual.

-- mark (MarkStephenBell@hotmail.com), August 22, 2000.

hands down to mark, i think thats one of the best thing michaels said, i also like (sorry this isn't a quote!) a line out of one of the songs on LRP, "the only thing to fear is fearlessness..." what song was that from?? hmmmm, can't remember at this precise minute, i'll listen to the album later!!!

-- jen (not@tellingyou.com), August 22, 2000.

Oh I got a bunch- "we just like the dots."Michael on the name REM. "If you're looking for meaning in your music,go buy your damn R.E.M."- Jimmy pop of Bloodhound Gang. "Anybody can have all that crap that comes along with being in a band or being a musician. But if the work doesn't support all that crap, then its just alot of crap."- MS "R.E.M. made some of their best music when they were at their drunkest."- several of my friends(i've also said this a few times).

-- Stippleganger (REM_Rocks@altavista.com), August 30, 2000.

it was hyena by the way

-- jen (not@tellingyou.com), August 31, 2000.

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