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I have a question regarding filter sizing for the Schneider 47mm XL lens. I've placed an order for this lens, to use on my Arca 6x9 F-line camera. I will use this lens on the 6x7 film format, my choice for filter sizing is as follows: I've decided to use this lens with a 67-77mm filter step-up ring, the intention is to avoid lens vignetting caused by multiple filters. I primarily shoot black and white film and on occasion, stack two filters. Since most wide angle filters delete the front mounting treads stacking filters is not possible. My question is this; Will my preemtive strike of stepping-up to a 77mm filter in lieu of the standard 67mm filter, prevent vignetting caused by two filters being installed on this lens??? Thanks for the input. Bob P.

-- Robert Pellegrino (, August 16, 2000


I only have direct experience with this lens (w/ and w/o CF) on 4x5 using the Lee filter system. With this system I can stack two 2mm filters and all works fine through the full range of movements. If you look at the Schneider and Heliopan CF's which work with this lens, you will find they have a front accessory size of 86mm. This would lead me to believe that a 67mm to 95mm step-up ring might be the minimum you should consider as the CF's already have a filter sitting within this "step-up ring". It might even work better with a 67mm to 105mm step-up. I say this even though your chosen format is 6x7 because you still have the full range of camera movements available out to the edge of the image circle just as a 4x5 shooter does, so the vignetting issues are really the same.

-- Larry Huppert (, August 17, 2000.

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