What would you do if you only had 4 months left?

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Go on as normal? Go on a wild shopping spree and max out all your credit cards? Have sex with everyone you meet? Finally go on that crusade against Barbie you've been planning all this time?

-- Jenna (jenna@jennasite.com), August 16, 2000


Sell everything I own, buy a RV, pack up the wife and kids....

and go.

see the world, spend every moment together, make love to my wife every night, have long talks with her, long walks with my kids...

pray a lot

cry a lot

live a lot

don't get me started....


-- Bob (and_if_I_die@hotmail.com), August 27, 2000.

Hope to fall in love one more time.

-- Patrick (shamanofluthur@hotmail.com), August 28, 2000.

And write a book, possibly two. One fiction, one non-fiction.

-- Patrick (shamanofluthur@hotmail.com), August 28, 2000.

Fuck. Cause it is the ultimate high.

-- Tracey. (tntnikki@excite.com), August 28, 2000.

Got a few more honest answers than I would've thought on this one. I expected some shit like..I don't know "go to vegas". :) Just goes to show my readers are the best *grin*

-- Jenna (jen@jennasite.com), August 28, 2000.

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