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I am looking for a working 7x17 camera and holders, does any one know of an outfit for sale? The camera doesn't have to be a museum piece, but the holders need to be in good shape. Thanks for your help!

-- Dave Orndorf (dorndorf@nconnect.net), August 16, 2000



You should keep an eye on EBAY. They (large banquet cameras) show up on there quite regularly, so you can look at the package, and pass if it's not what you are looking for. There was a 7x17 Korona that went for $1800 about a month ago that was really a very nice setup. It had a new bellows, a couple of filmholders, a screen brightner, etc.

Check the Ebay archives for what has been sold in the last month.

Another place is Quality Camera in Atlanta. The have an extensive collection of ultra large format cameras and lenses. They may have one. (I purchased my 7x17 from them)

Lens and Repro is a third place to check.

MPEX in Ohio also get one in from time to time.

I expect that you will get a better price on Ebay going person to person, however.

Actually, I think the camera is easier to find than good coated lenses, and holders in good condition are the hardest. I decided to get new ones made (very expensive) simply because I don't want to have shots ruined due to fogging or other problems. Great Basin and AWB make holders, as do Wisner and Lotus, although Lotus doesn't import to the USA anymore. Expect to wait 6 months or more for an order to be filled.

While you're at it, start looking for film... it's not easy to come by either. Darkroom Innovations and Photomark both have some, but it'll be Ilford. You'll have to place an order and wait 4 months or more if you want Tri-X.

Good luck on your search,


-- Michael Mutmansky (psu4ever@ix.netcom.com), August 16, 2000.

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