UPDATE - Credit Card Glitch

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Source: The Hartford Courant

Publication date: 2000-08-16

Credit Card Glitch

A one-day computer processing glitch led credit card giant Citibank to make double withdrawals from the bank accounts of 46,000 customers who pay their credit card bills electronically, the company said Tuesday.

"We had a glitch, we found it, and we fixed it," said Maria Mendler, a Citibank spokeswoman.

Mendler said the problem affected customers whose bills were paid Monday through Citibank's Autopay program, which automatically debits a customer's bank account. She said the error was discovered Tuesday and fixed by the end of the day. She said the overpayment should be credited to customers' bank accounts by today.

Mendler said customers who incur any bank fees as a result of the double payment should call the customer-service number on the back of their cards to receive a credit


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