I seems you were winning your battle

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If you were battling dehydration AND going to the bathroom frequently, wouldn't that be a clear indication the war was over? I am not a human physiologist( I would be shocked if I spelled that right) but if you are peeing a bunch (and don't have diabetes or another disease that makes one pee a bunch) doesn't it stand to reason that dehydration may not be the problem. I am just asking because my mother-in-law does something similar. She claims that until she eats some protien in the morning she just cannot get started. However, she has her protien and washes it down with three cups of the worlds strongest coffee. I made mention of this fact and asked her to try the food without the coffee and she (a card carrying scientist) said, "The caffene has nothing to do with it". Hope you are fully recovered, Jason.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2000


No, you can still be dehydrated and pee a lot. I know I was dehydrated in Aspen because my body was retaining a lot of water and I had headaches--most females will be familiar with these symptoms, because they are also common in PMS. Drinking water helps, but it usually takes a few days for your kidneys to adjust.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2000

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