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Has anyone heard of "Palmetto" Grapefruit? I have searched the internet as best I can and cannot find information about such a thing.

My brother worked a couple of days for someone with a grapefruit tree that he says they call a Palmetto Grapefruit. He brought home a few of the grapefruits and tehy were quite large; larger than any grapefruit I have ever seen. He said that they were the small ones; that other fruit are larger. So I guess they can be as large as a bowling ball. I am told that it is a hybrid.

They also taste a bit different from regular grapefruit but the taste is either better or just different; perhaps it is just from less juice and more tasty pulp, I am not sure. Also a lot of the size is the result of a rather thick skin.

So I tried growing the seeds and got one to grow. It was doing well for a couple of months but now it has stopped growing. It is not dead; just not growing. It is only a couple of inches high now.

I would like to find out about them to know if it should get more or less water and more or less sun.

Any information is certainly appreciated. If someone can just tell me a scientific name or another name then that would help.

Thank you.

-- Sam Hobbs (, August 16, 2000

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