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That downed russian sub drama is seriously affecting my sleep...anyone else getting all claustrophobic thinking about those poor sailors trapped down there? Cold and breathless....ARGH.

I thought I'd give starting a new thread the old college try, but I'm feeling some trepidation about it. (I'm being a little sensitive since the last time I tried one on another forum some pest waited a month and THEN insulted me. And then was a total crybaby about the whole thing when I came down on him with both feet).

-- Blanche Blank (, August 15, 2000


A new find of mine, "and did you get what you wanted?", has posted an amazing entry about this today. Go check it out...

August 15, 2000

Oh, and Blanche? Feel free to start a new thread any time you like. I can't guarantee anyone but me is paying attention, though!

-- Molly Zero (, August 16, 2000.

Argh. That article made me tear up.

Damn pms, anyway.

Oh, and Molly? It's just fine if you're the only one reading the thread. Really. Because although I'm shooting for the "Stalker" rating on pamie's forum (61 posts is where it switches over from "Squishite" to "Stalker") I'm not afraid of lonesome, dangling threads.

Not nearly as much as afraid of being stranded 300 ft under the heartless ocean, anyway. *shiver*

-- Blanche Blank (, August 16, 2000.

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