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I bought a Japanese animation the other day, and somehow when I play it, there are censor (scrambled) blocks that cover the blood in fight scenes and other stuff. It bothersome because the blocks are huge and it covers a large portion of the screen. I heard there was a way to remove these censor blocks be it by software or tampering with the disk. Please help me, thanks.

-- Jack Forest (, August 15, 2000


the blocks are part of the actual mpg. its just like a vcd with subtitles - its not sumthing separate that cam be removed - the mpg encoder encoded the area with the blocks the same way it did all the other pixels - nothing can be done.

-- ndumu (, April 27, 2001.

what dont u people understand? its not some sort of protection sheme - its no different that in if u wanted to a white wall - the entire wall, but i was standing infront of the wall when the camera recorded the video - u think u can get some black box to remove me and let u see the whole wall? NO ! when the mpg was made, it was fed video of the wall with me in it - it has no info about what the wall behind me looks like to recreate it.

why am i even bothering answering this? some people are hopeless.........

-- ndumu (, May 22, 2001.

Some censoring is done digitally and can be removed, but I don't know how its done. If the censoring *is* actually part of the encode then there is no way to remove it.

-- SilentStriker (, March 19, 2004.

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